Find My True Self (GxG) - Chapter 3: Moving in (2023)

(Lily's VO): It's was Thursday Morning, Delilah was all settle in. She has her own room of course. Tomorrow we're going to school and i'm scared and nervous to go back, Delilah said she got my back. God, I loved her, but it was to early to said the L Word.

Rosalyn: So Gigi can i take you out tonight?

Giselle: uh.. Sure Rosa, I.. um.. mean.. yes..Yes! *smile nervously*

Rosalyn: Its a date! *smiles and kiss Gigi's Head*

(*The Carnival in town, Opens Saturday at 3 pm*)

*Lily wants to sleep in*

*Delilah wakes up and get dress, and head to Lily's room and nudges her*

Lily: i'm up, i think i'm ready to go back to school.

(*Lily been out of school for a week due to Zack stunt and she been so afraid of embarrassment*)

Delilah: I'm right with you bebe, i promise *hold your hand*

*Lily gets up and gets dressed, and head downstairs with Delilah*

Giselle: Hey girls! I'll take you to school.

Lily: Okay Mama.

*They head to the car and drives to school*

*Arrives to the school*

Lily: Bye Mom, I love you, Bye Rosalyn.

Delilah: Bye Mama, Love you

Giselle & Rosalyn: Bye girls!

*Lily grabs Delilah hand and squeeze it*

Delilah: Bebe it ok.

Lily: Okay, Yeah, It -A-Okay *nods nervously*

(As they walk in the school, People was minding there business accept this one girl, her name is Tessa King, she the popular girl, she must be Zack new girl)

(Tessa walks over to them)

Tessa: Look who finally came to school, ''The cheater'' So why you do it, why you cheat?

Lily: I didn't... *sniffs* Zack broke up with me over false assumptions

Tessa: So you let him leave you, and your with a ''DYKE''?

Lily: I.. I...I'm sorry *runs to the bathroom*

Delilah: Stay in your place Or i put you back in it

Tessa: *Scoffs* I like to see you try he-she, i will know the truth about you, something about you is suspicious and once i do, i'm telling Liliana.

Delilah: This isn't over.

*Delilah goes to the bathroom and find Lily*

*hears her sniffling*

Delilah: Lily? bebe? Are you in here?

Lily: I just want to be alone

Delilah: if that's how you feel. but i promise you i was going to be by your side. But it's cool.

*Delilah opens the door and walks to class*

Lily: *cries* I'm so sorry. (Cries some more and speaks Spanish) lo siento dios

*In the hall*

(*Group of boys was coming Delilah way, Bumps into each other*)

Zack: Watch it Dyke

Delilah: What did you say to me?

Zack: Watch it Ass hat.

(*Delilah ball her fist and was about to punch Zack but Lily step in and got punch*)

Delilah: LILY!

Zack: Wow, is that how you treat your girl? *scoffs*

Delilah: FUCK OFF *I growl*

Zack: Or what she-male

(Delilah's VO): Or this.

*Delilah punch him and kick him to the ground*

Principal James: You, Delilah my office now!

(Delilah walks to the the Office, meanwhile Zack carries Lily to the nurse, He place a note in Lily hand hopefully she reads it when she wakes, Zack heads to the gym to practice Football)

(Lily wakes up, Nurse give her a paper towel to clean her nose, and place a band-aid on it)

Nurse Flores: Lily, this is for you. A boy left this in your hand. *Hand her the note*

*Lily takes the note and opens it*

The notes says:

Lily, I'm so sorry, But Delilah is not for you, did you know her mom and your mom had history? But got pregnant with you two and her mom disappeared. But i'm not saying get back with me, i'm dating Tessa. But be sure Delilah doesn't leave you. ~Zack

*Lily rips the note and throw it away*

Nurse Flores: Will you be ok to go to class hon?

Lily: Yes ma'am

Nurse Flores: Okay if you feel dizzy or light-headed come back, because your nose pain can cause a concussion.

Lily: Okay. *nods*

*Lily walks to class, and everyone applaud*

*distant whispers saying ''She got punch by a dyke to protect her boyfriend''

*Lily sat in her seat but Delilah wasn't there*
Ms. Simmons: Liliana, i'll catch you up after school.

Lily: Yes ma'am

(In the Principal's office)

Principal James: Do you know what you did, you could of hurt our star player, you may be new and there's pick on here and there but fighting is not the answer, so this is your warning but your not off the hook, you have safe for a week.

Delilah: Yes sir, Sorry sir.

Principal James: Okay, your free to go.

(*Delilah walks to class and everyone stares and gets scare*)

Ms. Simmons: Delilah Stay after school please

Classmate #1: Freak

Classmate #2: Dyke

Tessa: Why you do it?

Delilah: *Scoffs* shut up please

*After school*

*Lily Stays after school so does Delilah*

Ms. Simmons: You two okay?

Lily: *nods*

Delilah: Yeah why?

Ms. Simmons: I heard what happen today, before school started. And I didn't think you was that type of kid Delilah. And Lily, getting punch, Lily seems like you still cared for Zack. Or your protecting Delilah, and that's ok, but fighting will not be tolerated in this school.
Lily: Yes ma'am

Delilah: Yes ma'am. *nods and turns to Lily* L..Lily?

Lily: Yea?

Delilah: I'm sorry for punching you.

Lily: it's ok.

Ms. Simmons: you girls free to go see you tomorrow.

*Delilah and Lily walks home*

Delilah: Lily?

Lily: W-what?

Delilah: Are you ok?

Lily: Honestly i told you to calm down, i told you to not to fight him, and you punch me instead. So no i'm not ok, and i wish i never even met you.

Delilah: You don't mean that. *Voice start to crack* L-lily

Lily: *voice cracks* y-yes... I'm going to my room..

Delilah: *stay outside*

*Lily went in, goes upstairs and cried on her bed*

Giselle: Sweetie are you ok? What wrong?

*Lily looks up*

Giselle: What happen to your nose?!

Lily: Delilah did it or i think she didn't mean to, i try to stop her from fighting Zack but she still got in trouble. She has safe for a week.

Giselle: I pretty sure she apologize honey, Delilah loves you she would never try to hurt you.

*Back outside*

(Delilah calls someone)
(Someone picks up on the other line ''Hello?'')

(Delilah answer back ''Hey it me Delilah, Is this Lupe?'')

(Lupe talks ''Oh my god boo i miss you, how are you?'')

(Delilah talks ''Not good actually, i got safe for a week and my friend hates me'')

(Lupe talks ''Oh no babe, wanna come over?''

(Delilah talks ''yeah i would love to, i'm coming now'')

(Lupe talks ''Okay boo'')

(*Delilah head to Guadalupe's house*)

(Delilah's VO): Lupe is my best friend since kindergarten, feels like forever, i was sad i moved, but i still keep in touch, but she accepted me when i came out to her as gay. She straight, i had no intentions to fall in love with her. She has a boyfriend named Rico Mateo Ruiz. but when i'm down she right there with me and have a shoulder for me to lean on.

(*Delilah rings Lupe's Doorbell*)

(*Lupe answers the door*)
Lupe: Hey Babeeeee! Ahhhh! i missed you Hun *hugs her*

Delilah: I missed you too. *hugs her back*

Lupe: come in, come in boo.

*Delilah goes in and sit on the couch*

Lupe: So what's up?

Delilah: don't wanna talk about it.

*Delilah's phone vibrates*

Delilah: I have 3 missed calls from my mom and Lily.

Lupe: oh shiiit! Answer yo mama and Lily *sings ''Whooose Li-Lilly??''*

Delilah: A girl whose mom is my moms best friend, and i think we still dating or i don't know and i don't care, What Lily said to me walking home was wrong and hurt me a lot so i didn't go home i came here.

(Delilah's VO): Which i do care for Lily.. I loved her. But she hurt me, when we was walking home. I can't go home. Not right now.

*texts from Mom ''Answer your damn phone now, mija''*

*Replies back ''I'm alright ma, chill''*

*texts from mom ''Then tell me where you are now!''*
*Replies back ''No Lily hates me so NO I'm never coming home''*

*texts from mom ''no she doesn't mija, she worry about you.''*

*Replies back ''I'm at Lupe's house, and okay''*

*texts from mom ''and you got SAFE for a week, i raise you better then this mija, what is going on? Is it because of your dad being gone for years? why are you showing out?''*

*replies back ''No i was only protecting Lily, that white trash hurt her, but we grow up and get criticize for our kind, i'm so tired us Hispanic's getting blamed, some of us are good Ma''*

*texts from mom ''I know baby but we just got to live with it, we going to have haters and people being racist we just got to look forward mija, because at the end of the day we going to prove them wrong and succeed. Oh i'm on my way too''*

Lupe: So your busted?

Delilah: Not really, we going talked it out. Honestly how do you deal with racist people?
Lupe: I kill em with kindness babe. Fuck em haters. You need to get your girl back, talk to her don't worry about if she hates you or mad at you just let her know you love her and mean it. *hugs you tightly*

Delilah: Thanks Lulu. te quiero *hugs back*

Lupe: yo también te amo niña

(*Rosalyn gets there, beeps the horn*)

(*Delilah waves and walks outside*)

Rosalyn: So how is Guadeloupe? And Mija?

Delilah: She good and yes ma?

Rosalyn: *sighs* After this week of safe, promise me you won't fight someone again. Promise me.

Delilah: I promise mami

Rosalyn: okay baby, let's go home.

(*Drives home and park car*)

*Delilah and Rosalyn walks in and Delilah didn't go upstairs to Lily she sat on the couch*

Giselle: Delilah! i'm so glad your ok Mija.

Lily: *was in her room until she heard her mom say Delilah name and went downstairs* H-hi Lila

Delilah: sup *and looks away*

Lily: *sits on Delilah's lap and look at her* i deserve it, i'm sorry for saying that on the way home.
Delilah: It's cool. *pushes you to the side leaves her feet on my lap and tickles her feet* I love you Lily.

Lily: *was shocked and giggles* I love you Lila.

*Delilah smiles and lean in for a kiss*

Delilah: Can we make it a official?

Lily: Yess. Yes! *nods and kiss her*

Delilah: we should head to bed, we have school tomorrow. It Friday, and i heard there's a carnival Saturday, would you be my date Saturday?

Lily: ugh school *frowns* And yes i will be your date bebe *smiles and kiss her good night and head to bed*

*Delilah head to bed to*

Giselle: *Sleeps on Rosalyn's shoulder*

Rosalyn: *kisses her head and lay down*

(*Next morning*)

Lily: *wakes up and get dress and went to Lila's room* Bebe wake up *nudges her and giggles*

Delilah: I'm awake bebe *gets up and gets dress and head downstairs*

Lily: It's Friday! *giggles so more*

Delilah: *smiles and put my hand under her chin and lifts it up and lean for a kiss* I love you.

Lily: Nooo Meeya more. *giggles*

Rosalyn: Lila, here the keys you can take my car to school i can ride with Gigi. *hands her the keys* you have your License so you can drive. But drive safe please Mija.
Delilah: I will mom. Thanks mom. *hugs goodbye and hold Lily hand and head to the car*

*They get in the car and drives to the school*

*they get out of the car and walks to the school*

Delilah: *puts Lily's hair behind her ear and kisses her* Today going to be a good day.

Lily: *giggles* yeah

*holds Lily's hand and go inside the school*

(*As they walked in the school, they got to lily's locker and Lily kisses Delilah*)

(*Delilah took a picture with Lily and put it as her lock screen*)

(*Bell Rings*)

Delilah: okay bebe, i have to go to safe but you think you be ok by yourself in class?

Lily: *smile went away and frown an shake head no* I don't want to go to class without you

Delilah: Just until after lunch i get to go to 5th period. i love you

Lily: Meeya more *giggles*

*lily kisses Delilah before she go to safe and Lily go to class*

*Delilah in safe*

Safe Teacher: You must be Delilah Vasquez right?

Delilah: Yes sir.

Safe Teacher: Have a seat right there and do work from class. and you leave here for 5th period?
Delilah: Yes, yes sir.

(In Lily's class)

Mrs. Simmons: So did everyone do their projects?

Classmates all: Yes ma'am

Mrs. Simmons: Good, turn them in by the end of class.

(Hours later, Bell rings for Lunch)

(Lily VO): Shoot i forgot Delilah is in there for lunch and after that she with me on the last class of the day.

(Lily's in the lunch table alone, she barely eats, she scrolls through Instagram, then get on Tik Tok and stand up and do a belly dance to a song and everyone stares and started clapping)

Tessa: So you think your a better dancer then me, Hip hop way better then ''Belly dancing'' *Gets on table and dance to a hip hop song*

*Lily gets on table too and do a Latin song and belly dance*

Principal James: That is enough! This is you girls warning. Next time i see you dancing on the table again is Safe time. Do i make myself Clear?

Tessa: Yes sir sorry Mr. James

Lily: Yes Mr. James. Sorry.

*Time for last class of the day*

*Lily meets Delilah in the hall and walk to class together*
*After school*

Delilah: So baby how was your first three classes without me?

Lily: Everyone was quiet, half the class fell asleep, including me.

Delilah: *chuckles and look at lily and kiss her*

Lily: I'm so excited to go to the carnival

Delilah: me too.

*A strange guy staring at them*

*they walk home*

Giselle: Girls! how was school? Rosa getting dress for our date tonight.

Delilah: It was good.

Lily: It was great, it wasn't bad half my class fell asleep and so did i. i was tired this morning.

Giselle: *laughs* Okay girls do you think you can stay home by yourselves?

Rosalyn: call us if someone giving you trouble okay mijas?

Delilah: Okay ma

Lily: Okay mami

*Rosalyn and Giselle leaves for their date*

*Lily sits on couch and turns the TV on, and watch the news. And saw something she was scare of when she was younger*

Lily: My uncle out of jail. *looks scare*

Delilah: what's wrong bebe?

Lily: He raped my mom in front of me and i was crying and he tried to raped me but luckily my dad came in from work. My dad put him in jail. But now i feel like he wants me. And i'm scare i don't want to sleep by myself tonight. *cries*
Delilah: Bebe we can call our moms if you want?

Lily: no no let them have a night to themselves, they'll be home in an hour it just 7 pm, can you sleep with me babe?

Delilah: Of course bebe. Want me to guard the bathroom while u take a shower?

Lily: yes please, my schizophrenia kicking in.

*Lily goes up and take a shower, Delilah follows*

*Delilah stands in the bathroom and waits for her to take a shower*

*Lily washes her hair and her body*

*Lily gets out get dressed*

*Lily stands and wait for Delilah to wash her hair and body*

*Delilah gets out and dressed*

Lily: *holds Delilah hand and goes to Delilah's room* I love you bebe

Delilah: *wipes your tears* hey.. hey hey, i'm am not going to let nothing happened to you, i love you to much to lose you, i'll protect you and our moms will protect us.

Lily: *Nods* I know *lay my head on Delilah stomach*

Delilah: I won't fall asleep, i'll wait until our moms are back, i'll play my phone or watch Netflix to keep me awake. *kisses your head and holds you in my arms*
*at 10 pm*

Rosalyn: Girls we're home! oh it late they probably sleep

Giselle: *giggles* let check on them.

*Rosalyn and Giselle goes in Delilah room and see Lily in their with Delilah sleeping, Delilah awake*

Rosalyn: Hun? why you awake?

Giselle: You ok?

Delilah: yeah i'm ok, just we was watching TV and The news pop on and Lily saw her uncle been released from jail. She got scared and she sleep and i am not i waited until you guys got home.

*Giselle passed out after hearing about Carlos being released*

Rosalyn: Giselle! Oh my god, is it that bad? What happened with Lily's uncle? Delilah help me carried her to her bed.

*Delilah and Rosalyn carries Giselle to her bed*

*Delilah told Giselle everything*

*Giselle wakes up and jumps and get scared*

Rosalyn: I'm here for you baby. I won't let him near you. Oh Lily told Delilah and Delilah told me.

Giselle: H-he r-raped me *sniffs* how can i forgive him.. he try to raped Lily What to say he might do it again to lily this time since he didn't get to.
Rosalyn: I won't let that happen, I'll sleep with you tonight.

*Next morning, day at the carnival*

*Everyone slept in to 2 pm hour before carnival opens*

Delilah: *woke up first and nudge Lily* We slept all day.

Lily: *wakes up* I slept good *gets on top of Delilah*

Delilah: You doing ok? *looks at Lily wrap my hands around Lily*

Lily: *nods* we need get dress for carnival

*Delilah and Lily get dressed*

*Rosalyn and Giselle wakes up and goes down stairs to watch TV*

*Delilah and Lily head downstairs to their moms and ask to go to the carnival*

Giselle: Please be careful and don't stay our to late

Rosalyn: It's starts right now and open all night? come back home 'round 7 or 8 pm please text every chance you get. *Kisses their head*

*Giselle kisses their heads as well*

*Delilah and Lily gets in car and drives to carnival*

*Arrives at the carnival*

*they walks to the ticket booth and get a pass to ride rides*

Lily: which ride we get on first?

Delilah: Tunnel of Love

Lily: Yess! *get excited*
*they ride the tunnel of love*

*A guy stares at them, watches their every move*

Delilah: Let me win you a big stuff unicorn

*Delilah does a mini game in the booth and win a big stuffie for Lily*

Lily: *holds the big unicorn and point to Ferris wheel* thank you bebe i love you

Delilah: I love you more bebe

*A guy follows them and watches them*

*Lily notices a guy staring at them but to far to see an lay her head on Delilah while riding Ferris wheel*

Lily: Bebe, i wanna go home

Delilah: what's wrong?

Lily: Theirs a guy who keeps following us and watching us, i'm scared

Delilah: Okay let me go to the bathroom real quick.

*Delilah goes to the bathroom, Lily waits outside*

*someone put a bag over her head and took her away*

*Lily scream up top of her lungs*

Delilah: Lily? L-Lily? LILY!! Oh no.. Oh no.. no no no (Speak Spanish)

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