Dying Light Side Quests Walkthrough and Guide (2023)

Gamers can beat only the story missions in Dying Light(we have a free walkthrough for that), but to get the most from this addictive survival horror experience, they’ll need to finish the variety of side quests around Harran. It will literally take hours to finish the different fetch quests and zombie assassinations, but Techland will reward the bravest players with Survivor XP and cash for their efforts. On top of that, side quests enhance the mystery behind the city’s deadly infection.

With that in mind, we have walkthroughs for the different side quests in the game, alphabetized for your convenience. This guide is a work in progress, and you can expect updates on a regular basis. Happy hunting!

A Baby Is Born

  • Availability: Finish the second half of A Pact With Rais
  • Location: Look east near the overpass
  • Sweet Reward: 5,000 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Medium

One of the last things two people should do during the zombie apocalypse is bring a baby into this infected world, but it happens. While exploring the Slums you’ll hear a person screaming south of the overpass. Knock on the door to meet Macary, whose wife is in labor. He needs alcohol to presumably disinfect everything or to drink away his misery. Go in search of several containers of happy juice and bring it to him. There’s a good chance you have this stuff on your person already, but he’ll ask you to complete the task multiple times. Seriously, how much booze does this guy need?

On the third attempt he locks the door, but you can use a lockpick to get it open. Take a peak inside to complete the A Baby Is Born side quest.

A Survivor’s Guide To Zombieland

  • Availability: Complete the second half of A Pact With Rais
  • Location: Speak with Nail in the Harbor
  • Sweet Reward: $2,000 and 5,000 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Medium

Visit the Harbor to meet Neil, a journalist who stupidly left his notes and camera in places where zombies congregate. Naturally he wants you to go after his stuff, and the rewards far outweigh the risk.

First you need to reach the net café at the top of the map where Neil left his interviews, which he wrote out on paper, no less. Expect plenty of undead, so gear up before heading over there. Otherwise hero Kyle Crane’s done for.

When you reach the café, check the second floor for the entrance inside, but don’t rush in. Peak inside so the Bomber is made aware of your presence and then get the heck out of there. After the explosion, go back inside and shut the door. Grab the note, a statue and Neil’s interviews.

Here’s the good news. The camera is on the overpass and you know where that is. Now onto the bad news: there are tons of zombies in the way. Once you’re up there, jump to different vehicles while using firecrackers to create brief distractions. If you unlocked the Vault perk, jump over zombies.

The camera is inside a black car to the east. Someone drove it through the guardrail, making it easy to spot. Throw firecrackers to lead the zombies away from the car and then attempt to open the trunk. The vehicle will fall into the water and you don’t want to be on it when this happens. Speak to Neil and dive underwater, where you’ll open the trunk to retrieve the camera. Deliver both to Neil and you’re done.


  • Availability: Complete the second half of A Pact With Rais
  • Location: Search for the Job Board in the Harbor, on the Eastern Side of the Slums.
  • Sweet Reward: $500, 2,500 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Easy

A person named Sophia wants someone to collect algae. Go to her home, located to the southeast of the Harbor. From there, head to the point marked on the mini-map and prepare to get your feet wet. Dive into the lake and grab the underwater herbs to beat this side quest, but you’ll need to visit Sophia once more to receive the cash.

Bandages And Meds

  • Availability: Complete events after the Siblings mission
  • Location: Look at the Job Board in the Tower, on the Ground Floor
  • Sweet Reward: $1,500, 2,500 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Easy

Once you activate the side quest from the Job Board, gather three Syringes, Gauze and Painkillers. Once you have the goods, hand them over to Toygar to receive money and experience. That’s literally all you have to do. In fact, you may already have the items in Kyle Crane’s inventory. If you don’t, check every medicine cabinet you come across.

Being A Hero

  • Availability: Make it to Old Town
  • Location: Visit Troy’s Tower and look for Ozan
  • Sweet Reward: 2,500 Survivor XP, Father’s Stash
  • Difficulty: Medium

When you make it to Troy’s Tower, search the catwalks for a boy named Ozan, who agrees to hand over his dad’s treasure, whatever that is.

Once you accept, get ready for some races. Look for the teddy bear to activate the first challenge, which asks you to reach six waypoints spread throughout Old Town. We strongly suggest using Forward Rolls and Slides to make this happen. Whatever you do, don’t fall down! Go around some of the bigger gaps between buildings. You may lose some time, but it beats missing and then having to climb back up.

With the first challenge complete, it’s time for the second. It’s a race through five checkpoints this time. Be careful when crossing streets and use cables to get around. For the last waypoint, use garbage bags to break your fall, leap onto the white van and use the columns that lie ahead to pass through the waypoint.

As expected, the last race is the toughest, with six waypoints to clear. From the start, jump down and make a right. See the light post? You need to use it to cross the street. This will help you blast through the first waypoint.

After doing that, carefully hit the ground and go across the street. It’s OK to pass the second waypoint just a bit to make the climb easier. Now jump to the nearest light post and get past the third waypoint. Beyond that, use garbage when falling and carefully steer Kyle through the remaining waypoints. Not sure what doing this has to do with surviving apocalypse, but you made it! Congratulations.


  • Availability: Complete the second half of A Pact With Rais
  • Location: Look for it on the Job Board in the Harbor, Eastern Side of the Slums
  • Sweet Reward: $1,000 cash, 2,500 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Easy

Fishermen request binoculars so they can see zombies and other enemies before it’s too late, and considering how crazy things are in Dying Light, we don’t blame them. Once you accept the mission, search for a clue in the description that points to the item’s whereabouts. If you don’t get it, no worries. The binoculars are on top of a hill overlooking the harbor; it’s the hill with the large antennae.

You’ll need to climb the antennae to find the binoculars, which are roughly halfway up the structure. Check each level to make sure you don’t miss them. When found, climb back down and hand the binoculars to Santiago in the Harbor.

Blocks For The Boy

  • Availability: Finish University
  • Location: Go to the Magic Fortress safe zone to meet Kadim
  • Sweet Reward: 5,000 Survivor XP, 15,000 Survivor XP, 10,000 Survivor XP and Angel Sword Blueprint
  • Difficulty: Easy

You gain entry to the Magic Fortress from the roof. Once inside, speak to Kadim and agree to find his lost blocks.

You’ll find the blocks…

  1. Check the stairs near Kadim’s floor.
  2. Now look at the landing underneath those stairs.
  3. Go one floor below that landing. Look inside a box and on the floor.
  4. From there, go around the corner and find the blocks on the floor.

After returning the blocks to Kadim, speak to Rupert. This kicks off a new side quest called Dungeon. Rupert gives you a key, and your next stop is the basement. Use the key to unlock the door, go inside and turn off the electricity.

Now search for another locked room to find Rupert’s wife. Do your thing, search the place for a chest and go back to Rupert. Speak to him to finish Dungeon.

Time for another side quest! A young girl heard some creepy noises outside. Wander away from the safe zone and you’ll stumble upon a troll!

You’ll need to kill some Biters and Goon in a nearby yard. Shouldn’t be much trouble. The Demolisher, on the other hand, will be tougher to take down. When he’s dead, check in with Rupert at his workshop. Not only will you get the Angel Sword Blueprint, but also some pistols lying around.

Chasing Past

  • Availability: During The Museum mission
  • Location: Go to the Old Town Safe Zone and speak with Tariq
  • Sweet Reward: $2,000 cash, 10,000 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Easy

When Tariq gives information about the museum, talk to him. He’ll ask for help with this orphan he stumbled upon. Turns out, the youngster’s brother is MIA and might be in Old Town.

When you agree to look for him, take a trip to the southwestern part of Harran and search for a locked door on street level. Once inside the building, walk up the stairs and open the door on the first floor; it’s on the right side. Look for a recording inside the apartment. Now head upstairs and into the apartment on the left for another recording. This one sends Kyle to the basement, where you’ll hear another recording.

While in the basement, you’ll notice a door Kyle cannot open. Visit the apartment on the second floor and grab the keys from the foyer. Return to the basement and unlock that door. WARNING: you’ll get attacked, so pull out the strongest melee weapon and swing away until the man is dead.

Head back to Tariq and let him know what you found. He then gives Kyle a key that unlocks a room filled with treasure underneath the museum. To get there, jump into the lake in the south and look for a tunnel. You’ll find high-level items inside this room.


  • Availability: After you kill Kyle Crane’s first Bolter
  • Location: It’s on the Job Board inside the Tower
  • Sweet Reward: $1,200 cash, 2,500 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Easy

There’s a great chance you already have this side quest near complete long before you begin. While exploring Harran, you may have wondered what the deal is with the coffee lying around. What do you do with all this stuff?

Short answer, give it to Toygar! This guy hangs out in the Tower near the Job Board and he needs 20 units of coffee. Simply collect the required number and give it to him. Before even starting, check Kyle’s inventory or stash bags to see how much coffee you already have, and if you’re short, do a little exploring outside the Tower to find the rest. We often see it inside cabinets and closets, but started ignoring it after a while. Make sure you pick some up every not and then.

Crayons For The Kids

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  • Availability: You can do it after killing a Bolter for the first time
  • Location: It’s on the Job Board inside the Tower
  • Sweet Reward: $1,200 cash, 2,500 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Easy

Kids in the Tower are mostly an afterthought, those tiny humans you almost trip over en route to more important matters. That said, it’s not fair they have to grow up in such a bleak world. A little color would go a long way.

Your side quest, if you choose to accept it, is to visit the old school and retrieve five sets of crayons for the little ones. You can find the school in the industrial area on the right side of the map.

When you reach the school, head around back and climb over the barricades to find an entrance. If you haven’t been here yet, speak to the guard at the door. Head inside and look for three sets of crayons resting on a table at the front. As for the rest, check a short hallway all the way towards the back and to the right. You may need to use Night Sense to find them.

With all crayons collected, go into the Tower and hand them to Kate in room 204.

Do You Believe?

  • Availability: Complete University
  • Location: Safe Zone Library
  • Sweet Reward: $1,500 cash, 10,000 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Medium

You start out looking for someone named Mufid. You’ll find him near a window in the Safe Zone Library. He mentions hearing sounds in the quarantine zone; no surprise, given it’s the zombie apocalypse.

After agreeing to help, run to the northwestern area of Old Town. You’ll hear music from an apartment, and you need to climb to go inside. You’ll meet a man named Ishaq, who requests Night Herbs from the northern banks. Unfortunately you’ll have to go there at nighttime, which means having to deal with Biters and Toads. We suggest bringing ranged weapons to take care of them.

With the Night Herbs collected, bring them back to Ishaq and place them inside a brazier. This ends the side quest while at the same time starting a new one called The Shadow of the King.

Dying Lunch

  • Availability: Do it after completing A Pact With Rais
  • Location: Look for Irwin in the next to last Safe Zone in the Slum, upper right
  • Sweet Reward: $500 cash, 2,500 Power XP
  • Difficulty: Medium

Begin this challenge by searching for a movie director named Irwin, located on top of a building in the southwest. First task, kill 40 zombies with a double-barreled shotgun in the time allotted without dying. See if you can group enemies together and blast away as you strafe around these creatures.

After accepting the reward, speak to Irwin again for yet another task. Now he wants you to slaughter 60 zombies using a machine gun. Virals make this challenge somewhat difficult, but as long as you fire in short controlled bursts, this should be achievable. Dispose of the bile-spitting Toad to make this simpler.

Go back to Irwin and prepare for the next mission, scoring 30 headshots on mostly Biters and a couple of Goons. Aim down the gun sights for increased accuracy. Go after the Goons, since you’re able to get roughly 10 headshots off one of these guys.

Don’t worry about the clock too much. Focus more on accurate headshots. You can always blast zombies on the overpass for easy kills.

Electronic Parts

  • Availability: Kill a Bolter for the first time
  • Location: Check the Job Board
  • Sweet Reward: Electrician Blueprint, 2,500 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Easy

Toygar needs five sets of Electronics. Accept the side quest from the Tower Job Board and hand them over. If you don’t have Electronic Parts, head out there and search locked chests. They won’t be too difficult to find.


  • Availability: Do it before leaving the Slums
  • Location: The Slums
  • Sweet Reward: Varies
  • Difficulty: Medium

Nick Pesto

You’ll find a tied up American named Nick Pesto at a gas station. He requests an escort to the Tower, but you must pick up two items while en route. First he takes you to find his bag, which is conveniently surrounded by Rais’ thugs. You can attack these guys head on, but it’s better to toss some Firecrackers instead. This will draw zombies to their location, and you’ll be able to pick them off from a safe distance.

When everyone’s dead, Nick searches the bag and retrieves his ring. Now you must find his passport, which is inside of a building; he’ll lead you there. Prepare to dispose of some enemies along the way.

Upon retrieving his passport, Nick heads to the Tower. Beat the Goon near the entrance, then go into the Tower and speak to Nick to score the Badass Blueprint.

The Salesman

You’ll find Faruk the salesman sitting on a bench close to the Tower. To complete this escort mission, first take Faruk to his sales calls while defending him from enemies. Remember, you’ll encounter both zombies and human adversaries, so plan accordingly. Bring Faruk back to the Tower and he’ll hand over the Fire Launcher Blueprint.

A Werewolf

This poor guy suffers from a curse and needs ingredients for a cure. Travel with him to the market so he can gather everything, then bring him to the Tower. In return, he’ll give you the Holy Ghost Blueprint. There is a Goon towards the end, but you shouldn’t have much trouble dealing with it.

Poaching From Rais

Ahmet used to work for Rais but apparently defected. Look for him southwest of the Tower, inside a tiny blue building. He’ll lead you to a stash of items. Later on Rais’ men will attack, and you should take out the gunner first, then deal with the guys carrying melee weapons. Now you must kill a Goon, some Biters and Toads uncomfortably close to the Tower, but getting the Puff Puff Pass Blueprint makes it all worth it.


Finally, be on the lookout for Omar the Fisherman in an empty lot outside of the Tower. Similar to other escort missions, it’s time to follow him through town while he collects valuable items, doing whatever it takes to keep him alive. There will be heavy resistance, with a Goon, a Toad and Biters getting in the way. Take Omar to his lures and his fishing spot. Your reward? The GTFO Blueprint.

Family Doctor

  • Availability: Complete A Pact for Rais Part 2
  • Location: Look for Victor in the Harbor, East of the Slums
  • Sweet Reward: $3,750 cash
  • Difficulty: Easy

People need supplies and you’re the best person to deliver the goods. Speak with Victor at the Harbor and take his medical bag to begin the side quest. The mission involves delivering four supplies across the Slums, except it’s also a race with waypoints. On top of that, you can’t use your grappling hook.

Head left so you don’t wind up beneath the first waypoint. From there, run straight to waypoint two and turn right to blast through waypoint three. Aside from some Bombers, waypoint four is easy to reach.

Head back to Victor to begin another race with several objectives. Go to the house in the front first, then travel left to see the next one two stories up. Ideally you should encircle the obstacle course. Bombers and Virals will attempt to distract you, but leave those guys alone and focus on the race.

Fan Zone

  • Availability: After the Higher Education mission
  • Location: Receive the message on the East Side
  • Sweet Reward: $1,500 cash, 10,000 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Hard

Visit the Fan Zone, located on the east side of Old Town. The closer you get to this place, the easier it will be to hear the message being broadcast and begin tracking the side quest. It’s tricky gaining entry, but a firecracker will create the necessary distraction that’ll help you get inside the building.

Head inside and look for the elevator. Hit the switch, wait for the doors to open and ride that sucker up. When you reach the top floor, do a little snooping to learn more about the goings on. Now walk into the conference room and pick up the handgun, ammo and staff card.

Walk to the corner of this building and use the recently acquired staff card to open the door; the one that isn’t barricaded. Go inside the computer room, switch off the computer and go back to that elevator.

While trying to use the elevator it will stop. When that happens, climb into the shaft and use the vents and drop down. Wait! You’ve been here before! Don’t worry, it’s all part of the quest.

Some weirdo carrying an assault rifle will attempt to murder Kyle Crane, so prepare for a fight. When he’s dead, turn the power on and be sure to pick up the throwing stars. Ride the elevator down to complete the side quest, and be sure to visit Noah at Troy’s safe zone to collect the $1,500.


  • Availability: Beat the second half of A Pact With Rais
  • Location: A safe zone located in the Southwest
  • Sweet Reward: 10 Flares, 5,000 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Hard

First you need to speak with a guy named Zaid, and you’ll find this person in the southwestern area of Harran. Turns out he wants supplies, but the goods are in a hangar up north. Time to take a long walk!

Once there, pull out your grappling hook and use it to reach the hanging roof to gain entry. If you don’t have this helpful piece of equipment, travel east to another hangar and climb the metal supports to get on this structure’s roof. From there, jump until you reach the quest hangar.

Basically, make sure you have the grappling hook.

To make things difficult, Rais’s guards are inside. Since they have guns, we strongly suggest fighting fire with fire, picking them off from a relatively safe distance. After making them dead, walk to the other side and use the walkways and train cars to safely reach the ground. Open each train car door (beware the zombies) and grab the Zinc when you find it.

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Now it’s a matter of using the walkways or doors to access the side rooms. Pick up the Turpentine and bring these items to Zaid.

Gas Mask Man

  • Availability: Complete the second half of A Pact With Rais
  • Location: Look for Musa at the Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Sweet Reward: A Warmaster, 5,000 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Medium

When you speak to Musa, he’ll tell you about a gas mask-wearing psycho. Head to the waypoint and search the building for a garage. Head in there and speak to the person inside.

This weirdo asks you to track down some treasure that he dropped into a lake. Jump into the water and swim to the area marked on the map. There’s a lot to cover, but the marked section becomes smaller as you swim towards the center. Dive and search for an oar. The treasure is next to it. Pick up the loot and bring it to the guy in the garage. He offers info in return.

Armed with this knowledge, go chat with Musa. From there, go to Gursel’s home (you may haven taken money from him). For some odd reason there’s a gas mask in the kitchen.

Speak to Gursel to finish the quest, and collect the reward from Musa.

Gassed Up

  • Availability: Finish the second part of A Pact With Rais
  • Location: You’ll get a call on the radio
  • Rewards: 5,000 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Easy

During your travels you’ll receive a buzz on the radio about gas in the Tower, or lack thereof. Get ready to turn some valves!

First you need to locate Jeff’s compound near the train station. Wander to the far right side of the Harran map and look for him inside of a blue building. Head to the second floor and speak to him through some boards. He’s crazy.

You must activate three valves. The first is in a tunnel, the second beneath an overpass and the third near a bridge.

The bridge is especially tricky because you must get on top and drop down. You’ll see the valve inside of a fence, complete with a super zombie, so prepare for close quarters combat. You can also chuck Molotovs if you have a ton.

You won’t have trouble locating the valve in the tunnel. It’s just a matter of killing all of the zombies nearby so you can turn it without getting attacked. The same applies to the valve close to the overpass. Take out the zombies first and then quickly get to work.

Hold it! Not done yet. There’s a primary distribution valve that requires some tender loving care. The best way to get in there is through a storm drain that’ll take you beneath the facility. There’s a big guy guarding the valve, but don’t rush him. Hit him once and then quickly escape into the tunnel; he can’t follow you. This strategy takes time but is the best way to kill the zombie without taking damage.

Turn the valve and then get the heck out of there. Walk towards the waypoint on the map where you’ll need to turn three more valves (seriously?). The place is somewhat maze like and zombies will definitely get in the way. Beware the fire (crouch) and turn the valves. Now return to Jeff and let the explosive event run its course; from a safe distance, naturally.

Goodnight, Mr. Bahir

  • Availability: Complete First Assignment
  • Location: Upper Tower, look in the hallway
  • Sweet Reward: $697 cash, 3,500 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Medium

While taking a stroll in the Tower you’ll hear a ruckus. Walk towards the noise and you’ll see a group of men banging on the door to Room 202. Pick the lock and go inside; it’s OK, nothing bad will happen.

Walk into the bedroom to discover a man named Bahir sitting on the floor. Turns out he doesn’t feel good. Leave Room 202 and speak to Lena in the Sickbay. Afterwards, go to the Tower roof and look for Yusuf, a drug dealer peddling bad stuff.

He received the meds from some shady characters in a drug store not too far from the Tower, so head over there to teach them a lesson. Speak to the leader and get ready to fight a bunch of armed thugs.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed, so do what we did and start throwing Molotov cocktails. The fire will make short work of these guys.

When they’re dead, collect all the loot from their charred corpses and search for a collectable note and Blueprint to make a Toxic Grenade. Make a radio call and the side quest is complete.


  • Availability: Finish First Assignment
  • Location: Go to the Upper Tower and speak to Dawud
  • Sweet Reward: 3,500 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Easy

A man named Dawud doesn’t feel safe in the Tower and wants to get his family out of there. First he needs a gun, and that’s where you come in.

If you just started the game, getting your hands on a gun won’t be easy. We suggest traveling as far from the Tower as possible because you’ll find higher level weapons, specifically inside locked vehicles; bring lockpicks.

When you eventually track down a handgun, bring the pistol to Dawud. He offers a key to his pawn shop and asks for an action figure at the store. Head over there and open the partially closed garage door. Once inside, open the door and collect the items; make sure you get the figure.

Go back to Dawud’s place and talk to someone named Salma for information. Doing this ends the Gunslinger quest. You’ll run into Dawud again while exploring the sewers on your way to Old Town. Have a chat with him.

Later, while in Old Town, you’ll transition to the Lost in Space side quest. You’ll snoop around the southwest area of Old Town and travel to the waypoint. Enter the building from the second floor to run into Dawud yet again. Take care of the zombies and search the room in the back for Sammy. Speak with Sammy to finish Lost in Space.

Incense Herbs

  • Availability: Early on in the game
  • Location: On the Job Board in the Tower
  • Sweet Reward: Natural Medkit Blueprint, 3,500 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Easy

Check the Job Board and you’ll see this side quest, which asks you to collect 12 Lavender plants. Ideally you want to look for these on the east side of Harran near the water. Although it’s the best place to find Lavender plants, you won’t stumble upon a huge amount at once.

It’s somewhat tricky to see these plants among lots of foliage, so use Kyle’s Night Sense to pick them out from the crowd. If you don’t see any near the water, check rocks and islands; high ground is ideal. And don’t primarily focus on Lavender plants. Pick up some of the other types and use them for crafting later.

Health Potion

  • Availability: Finish Higher Education
  • Location: Go to the Magic Fortress Safe Zone and look for Rupert
  • Sweet Reward: 10,000 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Medium

Walk over to the east side of Harran and look for a daycare inside of a building run by a guy called Rupert. Speak to him to receive the following quest: find some insulin for a diabetic kid.

Pharmacies seem like a safe bet, and there are a few of these scattered around the city. Rais’ goons control the one in the south, so your best plan of attack is to ambush these guys, preferably with Molotov cocktails. You may also throw firecrackers in their general direction in the hope that Virals appear and do the work for you.

Once inside, pick the lock and make the disappointing discovery that this particular pharmacy doesn’t have insulin, so it’s on to the north! Once there, visit the second floor apartment to find a collectible statue.

Of course, you can’t simply walk into the pharmacy and take what you need. As soon as you open the metal shutter an alarm sounds. First thing’s first, turn that sucker off before the entire zombie horde knows where you are. Now go into the second room to the left.

Surprise, no insulin! This is tedious, right? Give Troy a call and use the computer to figure out where to go. With the address in hand, travel south and walk onto the street. Climb or grapple to reach the open window. Slowly and stealthily head into the kitchen, take the message off the fridge and leave.

The address belongs to a pizza joint. Kill the zombies inside and search bodies until you find the insulin. Now take it back to Rupert.

Seriously? Insulin at a pizza place?

Jealous Runner

  • Availability: Beat A Pact With Rais
  • Location: Look for Volcan in the Southwest Safe Zone
  • Sweet Reward: 1,000 Agility XP
  • Difficulty: Hard

This guy Volcan thinks he’s the best runner in Harran and it’s your mission to prove him wrong. Keep these tips in mind.

  1. Don’t stop at any waypoints. Run right through them. No 180s necessary.
  2. Unfortunately, you cannot use the grappling hook.
  3. Vault over the zombies to save time.
  4. It’s a good idea to use Forward Roll to prevent Kyle from stopping.

This side quest is much easier to beat if you unlocked Ultimate Freerunner and Freerunning Mastery. Admittedly, these take a while to earn, so you’ll probably have to finish Jealous Runner without them.

Killing Guide

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  • Availability: After completing The Pit
  • Location: Visit the Lower Tower Store and speak with Buckshot
  • Sweet Reward: 2,500 Power XP
  • Difficulty: Easy

When you get a moment, go to the store in the Lower Tower and chat with Buckshot, who needs you to complete some tasks.

First you must kill 40 zombies with a baseball bat, which is easy enough. Head to the starting point and jump over some barbed wire to gain access to the street, where lots of infected congregate. Now it’s just a matter of swinging at their heads to put the undead out of their misery. Should you run out of zombies, look towards the right for more.

Up next, it’s throwing star time. You have more than enough stars, so don’t worry about running out. Similar to all ranged weapons, go for the head! If the Toads become too bothersome, take them out but don’t spend too much time dealing with these guys. Instead, keep moving and score easier kills on Biters.

Once you finish this challenge, return to Buckshot to collect the 2,500 Power XP.

Legless Spider

  • Availability: During the Public Face mission
  • Location: Spider’s on top of a building in Old Town
  • Sweet Reward: $1,500 cash and 10,000 Survivor XP for this mission, then another $1,500 cash and 15,000 Survivor XP for the next one
  • Difficulty: Medium

While wandering through Old Town, look for Spider on top of a building near a courtyard. Walk up to him and pick up the package beside this guy to kick off the Legless Spider side quest.

First you must track down three Shisha Parts in the northeast of Harran, at the end of Old Town. Travel to the most eastern point and grab all three Parts inside a store, but beware the huge number of zombies. We suggest tossing some firecrackers to create a diversion before proceeding.

With the parts in hand, bring them to the northwest and hand the items to David. Then get ready for a fight with Rais’ thugs.

To gain access to David’s place, you’ll have to break in and then dispose of some more goons. It’s best to lure them outside and pick them off one by one. When they’re dead, go inside and untie David. Not only does he give you some dough, but you also unlock a safe zone.

Speaking to David begins the Hell From Above side quest. This may seem a little strange, but the challenge involves collecting meteorites. Perhaps the zombie outbreak was caused by falling space debris!

Head north and examine the area near a tiny lake. There’s nothing here, at least initially. Explore a bit more and you’ll find some Gas Tank zombies guarding a generator. Make them dead and switch on the generator. This makes the meteorites much easier to find.

Keep in mind that killing Gas Tanks usually attracts Virals. Make sure you’re ready for these faster moving foes.

Return the shards to David to score even more cash.

Lighter Gas

  • Availability: After Kyle kills his first Bolter zombie
  • Location: Look at the Tower Job Board
  • Sweet Reward: 2,500 Survivor XP, Grill’em and Kill’em Blueprint
  • Difficulty: Easy

Toygar wants approximately five units of Lighter Gas. Explore and you’ll eventually stumble across this stuff; it’s best to have the quest active in the background. Once complete, you receive Burning and Electric damage to the Military Shovel, Pick, Cleaver, Sickle and Wrench.

Midnight Bride

  • Availability: Finish the second part of A Pact With Rais
  • Location: Check the Job Board in the Harbor
  • Sweet Reward: $1,000 cash, 2,500 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Easy

It’s time for another collection quest, and you’ll have to wait until the evening to complete it. Go to the western part of the Harran map into the marked location where the Midnight Bridge plant grows; it’s purple. Don’t use your flashlight. Not only does it attract attention, but the plants are easier to find without the light.

After collecting five pieces, hand them over to Gursel and score the rewards.

Mother’s Day

  • Availability: Complete the First Assignment mission
  • Location: Speak with Lena, who stands outside Brecken’s room in the Upper Tower
  • Sweet Reward: $697, 3,500 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Medium

If you watch a lot of zombie movies then you may have an idea how this side quest will go; no, you won’t find a zombie mom. After the meeting with Jade and Brecken you’ll run into Lena. She needs anti-seizure medication but the only way to get some is from a guy named Gazi.

Exit the Tower and travel northeast. You’re free to use the overpass to get there, but we hopped on some rocks to avoid zombies altogether. It’s a long way down, so look for something to break the fall, like trash.

There are three homes to check and you may wind up knocking on all the doors until finding the right one; don’t worry, there are no zombies to fear. Gazi answers and it’s clear this guy lost his marbles. He rambles on about his mother, then asks you to collect chocolates and a videotape. Otherwise he won’t let you in, and no entry means no medicine. Luckily, both items are on the map.

If you reach the video store first, here’s the deal. While a handful of infected wander around, Gas Tanks (the zombies in hazmat suits) pose the biggest threat, so tread lightly. The entrance is in the front of the building and you’ll need to use a lockpick. Once inside an alarm will sound but you can quickly turn it off. Collect the videotape from section C, then prepare to fight or flee from three fast-moving zombies that can climb.

The chocolates are much easier to find, with no alarms or especially dangerous threats in your way, so get the sweets and head back to Gazi’s place.

Surprise! He still won’t let you inside. Thankfully there’s an open panel on the roof; use parkour to get up there. While in Gazi’s home, look for the collectible statue and note. Chat with Gazi and check out his strange living situation. Most importantly, grab the medicine and return to the Tower, where Lena waits on the 18th floor. Happy Mother’s Day!

O Brother Where Art Thou?

  • Availability: Complete the second part of A Pact With Rais
  • Location: Find Osman underground, north of the Tower
  • Sweet Reward: $1,000 cash, 5,000 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Medium

Take a trip to the tunnels, located in the north of Harran. There’s a guy living down there inside of a cell. Speak to him to begin the quest to track down his brother.

Travel south towards the market. Go into the building when you hear someone yell for help. Pick the lock and search for entry through the ducts above. Climb inside.

Walk to the end of the ventilation ducts and drop down.There’s a Bomber in there so be careful. Virals will then come into the room and you’ll need to take out these pests.

Go to the corner and open the door. Inside is the dude you’re looking for. The alarm sounded, so vault over the infected and get the heck out of there.

Return to Osman and make sure to pack some explosives to deal with Rais’ henchmen. Slaughter these guys and look for Osman. Speak to him to receive keys that open three item stashes throughout Harran.


  • Availability: Start Public Face
  • Location: Speak with Savvy while at Troy’s Tower
  • Sweet Reward: 10,000 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Hard

Savvy gives you the 4-1-1 on Rais’ outposts scattered throughout Old Town. As expected, you’re the best player to take them over.

Equip your strongest melee weapons and guns, then travel to a high rise marked on the map.Take the elevator shaft on the roof and prepare for a firefight. There’s a number of bad guys here, and Takedown will help you dispose of them.

Be sure to use cover while wandering through the office, peaking out to lodge some bullets in Rais’ goons whenever they appear. Don’t walk into the center of the room, since that’s the easiest way to die, and check the map before entering rooms to assess different threats.

Now that everyone is presumably deceased, collect as much loot as you can, including Disaster Packages for bonus Survivor XP. Taking this a step further, go ahead and wreck havoc in the Radio Tower for additional XP.

Rupert The Gunsmith

  • Availability: Visit Old Town
  • Location: The University
  • Sweet Reward: 5,000 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Medium

Go to the University library and speak to Fidan, who informs you of a gunsmith nearby. Search for this person on the northeastern side in a penthouse apartment. Climb into there and search for Rupert.

You’ll find Rupert in the daycare center. Talk to him to begin the Health Potion side quest. You’ll receive additional side quests later, making Rupert one of the best non-player characters in Dying Light.

Spare Glasses

  • Availability: Very early in the game
  • Location: It’s on the Tower Job Board
  • Sweet Reward: $1,000 cash, 3,500 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Easy

You’ll do this one almost at the beginning of Dying Light. After accepting the side quest from the Job Board, immediately speak to Khaliq next door. He used to live just down the street on Ivy Road, and he left his glasses there. As a result he can’t see anything. Poor dude.

Go to the spot marked on the map and climb up to the roof, then drop through the hole to enter. You’ll find the glasses on the middle floor. You can use Night Sense to find them, or check the space between the chair and armoire.

(Video) Dying Light - A Survivor's Guide to Zombieland - Side Quest Gameplay Walkthrough

Turns out, you also need to grab a book that Khaliq wants. Go to the first floor to discover a whole mess of books lying about. Check the busted bookcase to find the right one, but as an added bonus check them all for some funny lines from Kyle.

The Prodigal Son

  • Availability: Finish the first part of A Pact With Rais
  • Location: You’ll find Alexei in the Slums near an antenna
  • Sweet Reward: 5,000 Survivor XP, Zombie Classic Mod Blueprint
  • Difficulty: Easy

When you switch on the antennas for Rais, speak with Alexei. Head to the Tower and take the elevator up, then find Ayo in a corner room. He’ll feed you some information about Kristov.

From there, exit the Tower and follow the waypoint to Kristov. He’ll call you via radio when you’re in range, and you’ll have to travel to an inn to meet him face to face.

Once inside the compound, immediately shut the gate to keep enemies from following. That said, you’ll still have to deal with a Toad, Goon and some Biters. Destroy these guys and break the window on the left side of the building. Go inside and switch on the breaker. This transforms the place into a safe zone.

You’ll find Kristov on a bus. Have a nice chat and return to Alexei. Rais’ thugs will appear towards the end of this side quest. Kill them all and then talk to Alexei once more to receive the blueprint.

The Shadow Of The King

  • Availability: Finish Do You Believe?
  • Location: Begins after you complete The Prophet
  • Sweet Reward: 7,500 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Easy

Head to the southeast and be on the lookout for a hotel marked on the map. You’ll know it’s the right place if you see glass doors and the address Number 77. Stroll right in and walk up the stairs to the right. Check for Room 107, and once you’re inside, pick up the key card.

Now go downstairs and use the key card to gain access to a staff room. You’ll find another key card, which unlocks Room 206.

Go to the first floor of the hotel, make a right and use the elevator shaft to reach another room. Exit this room and go down the hallway to find Room 206. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. It says 209.

While inside this room, crack open the container and remove the loot. You’ll also find notes from Rais on the table. Quest complete!

Total Security

  • Availability: Finish Siblings
  • Location: Look for Jaffar west of the Tower, in the Safe Zone
  • Sweet Reward: $1,000 cash, 7,500 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Easy

While exploring the Slums, get in touch with Jaffar. He’ll tell you to leave the city limits in search of an ex-security guy. Go to the marked building on your map. You can’t get inside yet because of the traps, but shutting off the power eliminates the threat. Just look for the three generators around the place. There’s a dead person near one of them with a key, so be sure to snatch it off the body.

Head up to the roof and use the keys to unlock a door up there and grab the loot. Now look for a body and take the phone. Listen to the message and report back. Done. Quest complete.

Tunnel Vision

  • Availability: Finish the first half of A Pact With Rais
  • Location: Check the southwest area of the map
  • Sweet Reward: $1,000 cash, 5,000 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Easy

Speak to a guard outside the tower and he’ll tell you about a home with red smoke. Travel southwest and go past the tunnel to find this place. Once there, hop over the fence, approach the door and knock. You’ll score a shopping list of sorts.

Go to the Slums and look for Aziz; he’s near the bazaar. Have a nice little chat and the side quest will then continue.

Now go in search of a white car that got into a nasty looking collision inside of a tunnel. The vehicle isn’t marked on the map, so you’ll probably check several before finding the right one. Also beware the Goon zombie guarding it. Kill that guy and then remove the package from the car’s trunk.

Head back to the Tower and speak to Aman, who takes the package and gives you something for the guys you met at the beginning of this quest. Go to the area marked on the map, kill the six enemies and give the new package to Ryan.

Ultimate Weapon

  • Availability: Complete Part 2 of A Pact With Rais
  • Location: Look for Tobias in Harbor Town
  • Sweet Reward: 2,500 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Easy

Tobias fights the good fight by creating improved zombie weapons. Thankfully he lets you give these instruments of death a test drive! Keep in mind time is often a factor.

Upon accepting the side quest, take the first weapon outside and use it to slice up Biters and Goons. Is this fun or what?

When this is complete, head back to Tobias for round two. This time you get to slaughter 50 baddies on an overpass. Be sure to keep your distance from Bombers. Aside from that, have a blast and go for their heads!

Later on in the game, Tobias will call you via radio. Answer the call and go to the southern area of Harran to mess around with some new toys.

First up are some Virals and Biters that you should have no trouble cutting through. When it’s all over, go back to Tobias yet again for an even stronger weapon. Focus on the Biters to score tons of kills, but watch out for the spitting Toads, and use Medkits when necessary.

The final part of this mission is all out carnage. Your weapon can take down anything with a few swings, so rush into the plaza and leave bodies in your wake. With all that blood spilled, speak to Tobias to claim your reward.

Witch Queen

  • Availability: Do this side quest after killing the first Bolter
  • Location: Look for Dahlia inside the Safe Zone west of the Tower
  • Sweet Reward: Dahlia’s Cloak Potion Blueprint, 1,500 Survivor XP
  • Difficulty: Easy

Go to the Upper Tower and speak to Jared, who informs you of a witch named Dahlia who lives in a Safe Zone west of your location. Pay her a visit to kick off this side quest.

First, wait until nightfall and head inside of a cave to gather mushrooms for the witch. If you have difficulty finding the cave entrance, check a drainage canal underwater.

Surprise, there are Biters and Volatiles lurking inside the cave, so make sure you have Flares and a UV Flashlight ready to go. Dispose of these enemies before picking the mushrooms.

With all zombies dead, switch off your personal flashlight and look for the green glowing mushrooms. Investigate the cave’s lower area and upper ledges to find them all.

With the correct number of mushrooms in your possession, go back to Dahlia and receive a blueprint. You’ll meet her again to begin another side quest called Hunting Goon.

Dahlia needs superior ingredients to create a potion, and this goes far beyond mushrooms. You must track down a Goon (check overpasses), kill this creature and then pick up its Putrescent Liver. Bring it to her for a Liver Potion blueprint; this makes you invisible.

Now Dahlia offers you yet another quest, Kidney Punch. You must slaughter some Bombers and harvest their kidneys. Since these monsters explode when you get too close, attack with ranged weapons.

Go back to her one more time to begin Bring Me the Brain of Usain Bolter. Wait until the sun goes down and check your map for Bolter feeding grounds. Place a waypoint and head towards the location. Bolters bolt whenever you alert them to your presence, so use a long-ranged weapon or carefully sneak up behind one and crush it with an upgraded melee attack. Once dead, extract the brain and bring it to Dahlia to score one final recipe.

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Dying Light


How many Dying Light side quests are there? ›

There are 52 side quests in Dying Light, 36 of them are in the Slums, 15 in Old Town and 1 in the antenna area. They are made available as the main story quests are progressed, unlocking new areas, and some of them require previous side quests to be completed first.

Are side missions important in Dying Light? ›

Dying Light has a great selection of core missions that'll keep you busy for days but it's the side missions that offer some of the real challenges, guaranteed Blueprints and additional XP rewards for your skill trees.

Can you save Hakon in the church? ›

Finally Hakon stops fighting, and at this moment Lawan arrives ready to kill Hakon. If you then choose to talk her out of it, then Hakon will attack Lawan and flee. This is the only way Hakon survives the church, and if you do this he'll return during the Epilogue.

How long does it take to 100% complete Dying Light? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Dying Light is about 17½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 56 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Are side quests still available after Arthur dies? ›

While Arthur may have passed on, his work remains. John can complete (almost) all of the Stranger Missions that Arthur was undertaking, the only exceptions seemingly being the ones for Mary Linton, for obvious reasons.

How many Dying Light endings are there? ›

There are at least five endings in Dying Light 2, with a few permutations and a not-so-great secret ending. Which one you get depends on your relationship with Hakon, if you side with the PK at the Radio Tower, and whether you deviate from the PK path and end up helping Juan at the Radio Tower.

Is it better to side with the survivors or Peacekeepers? ›

In short, Survivors are best if you would rather avoid fights, and prefer to explore the rooftops of Villedor. On the other hand, Peacekeepers are for those who prefer to decimate everyone who gets in the way, be it crowds of infected or bandits.

Should I side with Peacekeepers? ›

So, the best faction to side with is the Peacekeepers, because they add useful things to the map like canons, car traps, electrical fencer traps, and lanterns that can be used as Molotov's. They even give the player one of the best weapons in Dying Light 2, the PK Crossbow.

Should I help Aitor or not? ›

Aitor will personally reward the player for saving him, and gives the player the Lazarus Knuckledusters, a rare artifact that serves as a fantastic melee weapon. With all these benefits and little apparent drawback, it's definitely worth it to save Aitor.

What happens if you stop lawn from killing Hakon? ›

If you choose to stop the fight, Hakon will back down. This will only happen if you didn't leave him to die when Lawan shot him in Old Villedor. If you choose to continue the fight, you'll end up killing Hakon. For good.

Is Hakon a good guy? ›

Instead of being an ally, he'll ask as a minor antagonist and focus on self-interests. He's a rather compelling villain, so those who want to see this performance from him might be tempted to make this choice. Most importantly, if Hakon is left to die, it is not possible to get the "best" ending.

What happens if you say let's not fight to Hakon? ›

Let's Not Fight

Hakon will listen to you and sit down. However, if you did leave him to die in Old Villedor when Lawan shot him, he will still fight you. If he decides to back down, Lawan will come into the church soon after and target Hakon. You will have another story-dependent choice to make here.

What is the max level in Dying Light? ›

Currently, Level 9 is the highest level your character can reach in Dying Light 2, and as you climb through the ranks the gear you're using will need to level up with you. But it's not just as simple as picking up Level 9 gear from random world drops or enemies.

What is the best weapon in Dying Light? ›

Dying Light Definitive Edition: 10 Best Weapons, Ranked
  • 8/10 Volatile Hunter Baton.
  • 7/10 Gonunaba.
  • 6/10 EXPcalibur.
  • 5/10 Fenris Axe.
  • 4/10 Rune Hammer.
  • 3/10 Harran Ranger Bow.
  • 2/10 Last Hope.
  • 1/10 Volkan Combat Assault Rifle.
13 Jun 2022

Can you max out all skills in Dying Light? ›

Dying Light skills

Once a skill tree gets to max level all the skills in that tree will be available. The player does not have to choose between two skills, but rather in what order to unlock them.

Do you play as John when Arthur dies? ›

Due to Arthur's demise at the end of Chapter 6, you take on the role of John Marston for the two epilogue chapters, and for however long you plan on playing the game after the story has concluded for the final time.

Can you save Arthur from tuberculosis? ›

In Red Dead Redemption 2, protagonist Arthur Morgan contracts a serious case of tuberculosis. Unfortunately, there is no chance for his survival.

What happens if Arthur visits his grave? ›

If Arthur had high honor when he died, then players will find the grave adorned with flowers and in pristine shape. It will read “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,” a more uplifting message than what can be observed if he has low honor. There will also be an eagle sitting on top of the grave.

Is Waltz Aiden's dad? ›

Aiden, Mia, & Dying Light 2's Family Revelations

As Aiden prepares to fight Waltz, it's revealed that Mia isn't his sister. She is Waltz's daughter, but Aiden isn't related to them.

Can you save both Mia and Lawan? ›

If you save Mia, then Villedor survives. Lawan will successfully detonate the charges, destroying the missiles before they destroy the city. However, Mia will still die shortly after saving her, and Lawan will also die unless you spared Hakon.

Can you romance Lawan? ›

In short, no, you cannot romance Lawan in Dying Light 2. While a romance system doesn't exist in the game, your choices determine whether you get a good or bad outcome. So, at the end of the day, you can still run away with the City's most fearsome rogue if you play your cards right.

Should I assign water tower to Peacekeepers or survivors? ›

If you give the Water Tower to the Survivors, you'll officially be on their side in the Old Villedor region. This will begin the Revolution Main Story Mission to blow up the Peacekeeper's Windmill as you attempt to gain access to the metro to reach the Central Loop.

Should I side with Sophie or Aitor? ›

Siding with Sophie or Aitor are both valid routes, and you can feel safe going with whichever character or faction you like more. Both choices eventually lead to the same conclusion, as with pretty much every early-game choice in Dying Light 2, so don't sweat too much and go with your instinct.

Should I give power to PK or survivors? ›

Which Faction Should You Choose? Even though The Survivors and The Peacekeepers have their own set of morals that appear to conflict with one another, there isn't a right or wrong choice when it comes to picking a faction. It's entirely down to how much importance one puts in Parkour or combat skills.

Should I save Aitor if I sided with the survivors? ›

Saving Aitor is the best course of action if you throughout the conflict. You will eventually find Aitor at the Fisheye and he will then give you the Lazarus Knuckles as a sign of gratitude.

Who should get the water tower? ›

Dying Light 2 water tower: Give it to the Peacekeepers or the Survivors?
  • If you choose Peacekeepers, the next mission will be Into the Dark.
  • If you go with the Survivors, you'll get the Revolution story mission.
7 Feb 2022

What happens if you refuse to give Aitor herbs? ›

Refuse to give Aitor the herbs: Aitor slips into a coma. The doctor has nothing to give him except a simple stabilizing injection, so Aitor becomes comatose.

Will the herbs save Aitor? ›

The doctor warns that the wrong herbs or dosage can poison Aitor. Players must make the right decision with the herbs to heal Aitor, otherwise, he will either stay in a coma or die.

Do I tell Aitors wife I went to the witch? ›

Lie to Aitor's Wife

When prompted by Aitor's wife, lie to her. Tell her that you haven't heard of any witches. She'll call you a liar anyway but you can still get the option to cure Aitor.

Is Lawan in love with Aiden? ›

Depending on player choice, Lawan's relationship with Aiden will be either platonic or hint at potential romance. Although this is never explicitly shown, she will kiss Aiden on the cheek if she is officially made a Nightrunner (assuming she did not kill Hakon in the Nightrunners quest).

How do you meet Hakon in church? ›

Search the church for Hakon

To find Hakon, you need to the upper section of the Church. Jump from the middle walkway up to the balcony with the red fabric hanging from it. Interact with the door on the left. Hakon knocks you down to the lower level, and you will have to fight him again.

Who shoots Hakon? ›

If Aiden initially refuses to fight, Lawan will arrive after the fight and decide to kill Hakon herself. If Aiden does not stop her or allows her to kill him, Lawan will shoot him in the chest with a bolt, with Hakon painfully dying from the wound.

Can you keep Hakon alive? ›

Keeping Hakon alive is essential if you want to save Lawan and get a better ending. If you leave Hakon to die, he'll still stay alive for the time. However, during No Mercy/Deals with the Devil, he no longer trusts you. That means you'll have no option to talk him out of fighting and will be forced to kill him.

Do I stop Lawan from killing Hakon? ›

If players once again let Hakon live by telling Lawan not to kill him, they will be able to achieve the game's best ending. During the game's final mission, Lawan offers to sacrifice herself to save the city from a missile strike that will destroy the city by detonating bombs where the missiles are located.

Is Hakon the killer of Lucas? ›

In the case of finding out who killed Commander Lucas, it's one of the earliest examples of this mechanic. How players choose to respond to Aitor is negligible. The identity of the killer is revealed during the game anyways. It's none other than Hakon.

What happens if Hakon saves Lawan? ›

If Hakon was alive, then he saves Lawan, but the Peacekeepers control the broadcasts, then Aiden leaves the city and out into the world on his own. If Hakon was alive, then he saves Lawan, and the Survivors control the broadcasts and you built up a relationship with Lawan, she joins you on the road.

Is it better to save Hakon? ›

Without dipping into spoilers or giving too much context away, it's best to help Hakon out. As you progress further through Dying Light 2, opportunities to develop relationships with certain characters present themselves, and if you're a fan of happy endings, then it makes sense to keep Hakon as a friend.

What is the hardest mode in Dying Light? ›

Nightmare mode

Only for the most hardcore players with the best weapons.

What is the fastest way to level up power in Dying Light? ›

Here are some suggestions on how to level up faster in Dying Light 2.
  1. Climb Everything In Sight. ...
  2. Seek Out Side-Quests. ...
  3. It Can Get Scary, But Run At Night. ...
  4. Hit Those Challenges. ...
  5. Don't Fight In Daylight.
5 Feb 2022

What is the unbreakable weapon in Dying Light? ›

EXPcalibur | Dying Light Wiki | Fandom.

What is the strongest weapon upgrade in Dying Light? ›

King is a weapon upgrade in Dying Light. This weapon upgrade will add +2 to Damage, Handling and Durability of a weapon, and is statistically equivalent to the Clicker upgrade. It is the one of the two best upgrades you can find in Dying Light.

Can you infinitely repair weapons in Dying Light? ›

To get the very bad news out of the way first, there is no way to repair every weapon in Dying Light 2. That is to say that (unlike many other RPGs) there isn't some workbench or item that you can simply use on a weapon in order to “just” restore its durability and prevent it from breaking.

What is the best skill in Dying Light? ›

Dying Light Definitive Edition: 10 Best Skills, Ranked
  • 8/10 Camouflage Attack.
  • 7/10 Kill Frenzy.
  • 6/10 Conserve Weapons.
  • 5/10 Slide.
  • 4/10 Vault Stun.
  • 3/10 Forward Roll.
  • 2/10 Dropkick.
  • 1/10 Grappling Hook.
14 Jun 2022

How long are Dying Light side quests? ›

You may have seen the tweets on the Dying Light 2 Twitter page indicating how long it'll take you to complete the game based on your playstyle and goals. If you missed it, here's what they said: 20 hours to complete the main story. 80 hours to finish the main story and all of the side quests.

How many side quest are there? ›

Below is a listing of all 76 Side Quests found in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Every Side Quest listed below links to a page dedicated to it with a guide of requirements, a link to its location on the Interactive Map, and a walkthrough of how to complete it.

What game has the most side quests? ›

8 RPGs With The Most Side Quests
  • 8/8 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
  • 7/8 Cyberpunk 2077.
  • 6/8 Fallout 4.
  • 5/8 Breath Of The Wild.
  • 4/8 Xenoblade Chronicles.
  • 3/8 Death Stranding.
  • 2/8 Final Fantasy 15.
  • 1/8 Skyrim.
14 Sept 2022

How long is Dying Light 2 with all side quests? ›

How long does it take to finish Dying Light 2? However, if you are a sidequest completionist, you'll probably come in at around 70-80 hours. And if you go off the deep end with collectibles, challenges, and all of the extra stuff you can do, your hour count should be anywhere from 100 hours up.

Is Dying Light 2 500 hours in the story? ›

The main story and side quests will take roughly 70-80 hours. Those who are looking to purchase Dying Light 2 on February 4, 2022, and beyond will be happy (or terrified) to know that developer Techland has confirmed it will take "at least 500 hours" to fully complete the game.

How long is the bozak horde? ›

The estimated time to complete all 5 The Bozak Horde achievements for Dying Light is 4-5 hours.

What is the point of side quests? ›

SideQuest is a tool that allows you to perform or enable additional functions with your Oculus Quest that are generally not accessible or possible to do directly on the headset itself. SideQuest offers methods to install new content onto your Quest, as well as alter some headset settings that aren't available natively.

Where do I summon Yura? ›

When you reach the Academy Main Gate, there will be a red summoning sign for Bloody Finger Hunter Yura to the northeast. Yura will require your help to beat Bloody Finger Ravenmount Assassin and will transport you to his world. After this battle, Bloody Finger Hunter Yura will appear on the bridge near the academy.

Can you repeat side quests? ›

Could you Repeat is a side quest in Dying Light 2 given to you by Pete. It can be found South of the Ash Windmill on Saint Paul Island.

Do side quests affect main story? ›

Nothing will affect your main story (except for one mission toward the end of the main storyline, but it only effects whether or not you have to do a certain part of the mission.) Now, that being said, there is one thing you'll want to be aware of.

Are side quests trusted? ›

Is SideQuest Safe To Use? SideQuest vets all content that gets published and they take steps to protect their users from malware and harmful content. SideQuest is trusted by thousands of developers and millions of users and has collaborated with Oculus almost from day one.

How many Dying Light 2 endings are there? ›

Though there are some permutations based on your choices, there are five endings in Dying Light 2. This is largely influenced by a choice at the end of the final mission, X13.

Do side missions affect the main story Dying Light 2? ›

It affects the main story in a major way, involving some of the best side characters in the game.

What is the max level in Dying Light 2? ›

Currently, Level 9 is the highest level your character can reach in Dying Light 2, and as you climb through the ranks the gear you're using will need to level up with you. But it's not just as simple as picking up Level 9 gear from random world drops or enemies.


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