Best Solar 3.0 builds for Titans in Destiny 2 (2023)

The release of Season of the Haunted brought the second 3.0 subclass, months after The Witch Queen gave players overhauled Void subclasses. Titans got some love with Solar 3.0, especially when paired with Resilience changes, which gave them more reason to spec into the attribute that governs their class skill.

Solar 3.0 saw the transformation of both Sunspots (now as Sol Invictus) and Roaring Flames into Aspects, removing their skill tree restriction. Additionally, Consecration gave Titans another tool to bring to the fight, in the form of a high-powered melee attack. Fragments lean into the new buffs and debuffs with Solar 3.0, including Radiant, Scorch, and Ignitions, with the Throwing Hammer in particular shining because of how easy applying Radiant with it is.

Another layer to Solar 3.0 are new weapons that can roll with Incandescent. With this perk, kills will make an explosion that spreads Scorch to nearby targets, further synergizing with Solar 3.0.

We’ve set aside four of the builds we’ve been using with Titans in Solar 3.0 to give you ideas of what you want to build. Though these can serve as templates, you should tweak them to adjust to your playstyle, especially when it comes to mod and fragment choices.

The Unkillable: Loreley Splendor Helm + Sol Invictus

Best Solar 3.0 builds for Titans in Destiny 2 (1)
(Video) This Build Makes Solo Flawless EASY MODE! [Best Destiny 2 Titan Build]
  • Aspects: Sol Invictus, second one is up to player’s choice
  • Fragments: We run Ember of Torches, Ember of Singeing for utility (especially with an Incandescent weapon) and Ember of Searing (+10 Recovery), Ember of Wonder (+10 Resilience) for their stat bonuses. Ember of Tempering is a good idea if you’re using a Solar weapon, and Ember of Benevolence can work in group content with constant Radiant procs.

With Solar 3.0 and the changes to Resilience, dying as a Solar Titan is harder than ever thanks to the power from Loreley Splendor Helm, which released alongside The Witch Queen. Loreley will consume your class ability to create a Sunspot with improved Restoration whenever you’re critically damaged or whenever you cast your barricade, which means you can take advantage of that Sunspot to heal up when you’re in danger. Having high Resilience is essential both due to its damage mitigation and the decreased cooldown on your Barricade.

Loreley is the core of this build, but Sol Invictus helps by creating even more Sunspots throughout the field, which apply Restoration when you step on them. The second Aspect is a matter of personal preference. Consecration offers a quick way to clear an area and generate Sunspots, while Roaring Flames will give you more power on your other Solar abilities.

For this build, you’ll usually want to go with Rally Barricade due to its shorter cooldown, and you can throw in a healing grenade for extra survivability or go with your grenade of choice to deal damage. You’ll also want to bring the Throwing Hammer for the Cure effect when you pick it up, as well as the Radiant buff on demand thanks to Ember of Torches.

As far as mods go, there aren’t that many restrictions or necessities. You can use your Elemental Well mods of choice and pair them with Well of Life, which regenerates your health upon picking up a Solar Elemental Well, or with Font of Might for extra damage. The core survivability of this build exists without any of those mods, though, so there’s no need to check Ada’s stock every day if you’re looking for anything in particular.

Explosions: Sol Invictus + Consecration + Heart of Inmost Light

Best Solar 3.0 builds for Titans in Destiny 2 (2)
(Video) Destiny 2 | This New Titan Build Makes You a PvE GOD! Best New Titan SOLAR Build in Season 21!
  • Aspects: Sol Invictus, Consecration
  • Fragments: Ember of Torches, Ember of Singeing, Ember of Searing, Ember of Eruption. Ember of Wonder is good to have because of the +10 Resilience, but you don’t really need the extra grenade energy thanks to Heart of Inmost Light. Ember of Empyrean is useful to extend your Radiant, but losing Resilience could hurt you. That said, we run both Searing and Wonder to reach double 100s in Resilience and Recovery.

Titans got a flashy new melee attack with Solar 3.0 thanks to the Consecration Aspect, and this build takes it to the max. This is our take on content creator Ehroar’s Consecration build, and one that’s helped us through a series of activities so far. The premise behind it is simple: find a group of enemies, then slide into them and use your Consecration to wipe them out. It’s simple, but it’s effective. Pair that with different sources of melee energy, and you’ll barely have to wait between Consecrations.

Heart of Inmost Light will empower your melee attacks if you use your Barricade or a grenade, increasing its damage and regeneration. You’ll also have a tremendous uptime on Radiant thanks to Ember of Torches and your Throwing Hammer. You’ll also benefit from having Elemental Well and Kickstart mods to refill your abilities in addition to Heart of Inmost Light. We follow Ehroar’s advice and do Bountiful Wells, Explosive Wellmaker, and Melee Wellmaker, which also opens up more space for other mods. You could use Elemental Charge and Heavy-Handed to round out or invest in other Elemental Well mods like Well of Life.

New and Improved Middle Tree Sunbreaker: Sol Invictus + Roaring Flames

Best Solar 3.0 builds for Titans in Destiny 2 (3)
  • Aspects: Sol Invictus, Roaring Flames
  • Fragments: We run Ember of Torches, Ember of Singeing, Ember of Wonder, and Ember of Searing to reach 100 in both Resilience and Recovery, but Ember of Blistering, Solace, or Eruption could all be good choices.

Before Solar 3.0, Solar Titans who enjoyed bonking enemies with their little hammers looked jealously at other Solar Titans who could make their own Sunspots from thin air. Now, though, you can make that fantasy come true thanks to the Sol Invictus Aspect, which will create a Sunspot on every Throwing Hammer kill. Roaring Flames, another part of the subclass, is also present in this build, keeping it as close to the middle tree as possible—with the bonus of having Sunspots on kills.

We recommend Heart of Inmost Light for this build, though you can get by with your Exotic of choice. Heart of Inmost Light will empower your abilities, however, and Roaring Flames will also boost their damage, making you a hammer-throwing machine. Synthoceps and Wormgod Caress are also good choices for maximum bonking.

(Video) Its (Almost) Impossible To Die With This Solar Titan Build

No Sunspots, No Problem: Roaring Flames + Consecration + Heart of Inmost Light

Best Solar 3.0 builds for Titans in Destiny 2 (4)
  • Aspects: Roaring Flames, Consecration
  • Fragments: Ember of Torches, Ember of Blistering, Ember of Searing, and Ember of Eruption. Ember of Solace can be a good option. As usual, we’re running both Ember of Wonder and Searing to reach double 100s, sacrificing Blistering for it instead since Heart of Inmost Light and a high Discipline give us more than enough energy.

If you were having a perfectly good time before Sunspots came along, then there’s no reason to spec into them if you don’t want to. Roaring Flames and Consecration can make for a good combo if you don’t like staying in one place too long, and they synergize well to make a destructive shockwave of ignitions since Consecration will ignite Scorched targets in its path.

The Fragment choice takes advantage of how easy it is to apply Scorch and Ignitions to enemies thanks to the Aspects, with Roaring Flames scorching enemies with normal melee attacks while it’s active. This is perfect for ability spamming, and as such, Heart of Inmost Light is perfect for buffing these abilities.

As far as mods go, we run this similar to Ehroar’s build, with Bountiful Wells, Melee Wellmaker, and Explosive Wellmaker paired with the always-great Heart of Inmost Light. If you don’t have Heart of Inmost Light, Loreley can also work since it will still create a Sunspot even without Sol Invictus. Hallowfire Heart and Mask of the Quiet One can also be decent options, although they’re still inferior to Heart of Inmost Light.

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Best Solar 3.0 builds for Titans in Destiny 2 (5)

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What is the best solar build for a Titan in Destiny 2? ›

Titan Solar Loreley Splendor Helm Build

Lovingly known as the 'bonk Titan', the Loreley Splendor Helm Solar Titan has exceptional survivability, using powerful aspects and the healing power of Sunspots, all tapping into Restoration and Cure keywords. This is truly one of the hardest to kill Guardians.

What is the best solar grenade for Titan? ›

The Best Solar Grenades for PVE in Destiny 2
  1. Fusion Grenade.
  2. Solar Grenade. ...
  3. Swarm Grenade. ...
  4. Incendiary Grenade. ...
  5. Thermite Grenade. ...
  6. Tripmine Grenade. ...
  7. Firebolt Grenade. ...
  8. Healing Grenade. Healing Grenades just aren't that useful in Destiny 2. ...
Mar 27, 2023

What is the best stat build for Titan Destiny 2? ›

What character stats are best for Titan in Destiny 2? We recommend prioritizing Resilience, Recovery, and Discipline as these can help you become more durable in fights. A high Discipline stat also allows you to spam your grenades much faster, giving you the ability to deal high amounts of damage.

What is the best weapon for solar Titan? ›

Any weapon capable of applying Scorch to enemies is going to amplify the effectiveness of this build. A good option is the Exotic hand cannon Sunshot. In terms of armor, Loreley Splendor Helm is key here. You lose the damage boost you'd gain from something like Wormgod Caress, but the healing is worth it.

What is the best Titan solar 3.0 subclass? ›

Sunbreaker (Solar 3.0) The Sunbreaker Titan has always been a reliable choice since the Red War. Solar 3.0 made Sunbreaker one of the best subclasses for solo content by making your titan almost impossible to kill.

Would solar panels work on Titan? ›

Titan barely gets any sunlight, so you'd need a tremendous number of solar panels. A population roughly that of the US, about 300 million, would require enough panels that you could cover the US.

What is the best 3.0 subclass in Destiny 2? ›

1. Warlock Dawnblade (Solar 3.0) A subclass primarily used for support, Dawnblade fills its lack of ad clear and boss damage with some of the most powerful buffs in the game. Radiant provides a whopping 25% increase to damage, and Restoration provides continuous health regeneration even through damage.

What is the best Titan subclass? ›

1 Sunbreaker

Sunbreaker Titan has been the strongest Titan subclass since the overhaul the Solar element received in Season of the Haunted. With certain setups, Sunbreaker was able to do absurd damage with the Throwing Hammer melee ability in the past.

What stats are most important for a Titan? ›

Stats: Resilience (increased damage reduction and faster barricade cooldown) and Strength are the two most important stats.

What stats should I prioritize as a Titan? ›

Gear Stats For Titan (PvE)
  • Resilience – Increases the amount of damage you can absorb.
  • Recovery – Increases movement speed and max jump height.
  • Discipline – Increases the recharge speed of your grenade.
Sep 22, 2022

What is the best gear for a Titan in Destiny 2? ›

Synthoceps are the best choice for a Titan that wants to do what Titans do best: punching things. These beastly looking arms have the intrinsic perk Biotic Enhancements, which increase your melee range.

What is the best Titan neutral exotic Destiny 2? ›

1 Heart Of Inmost Light

While tricky to use, Heart of Inmost Light is one of the best neutral game Exotics that a Titan can use. This Exotic can single-handedly make your abilities one-shot opponents and give every ability a short cooldown. Whether you play PvE or PvP, this chest piece is absurd in the right hands.

What is the best armor to defeat Titan? ›

Destiny 2: 15 Best Exotic Armor For Titans
  • 8 Heart Of Inmost Light.
  • 7 Hoarfrost-Z.
  • 6 Peregrine Greaves.
  • 5 Hallowfire Heart.
  • 4 Synthoceps.
  • 3 Dunemarchers.
  • 2 One-Eyed Mask.
  • 1 Loreley Splendor Helmet.
Oct 21, 2022

What gun does the most damage to the Titans? ›

The Charge Rifle debuts in Titanfall as a hitscan anti-titan weapon. It one-shot kills any pilot and deals great damage to titans.

What weapon to use Titan Blood on? ›

Using Titan Blood To Upgrade Weapons - Hades
2 more rows
Dec 12, 2021

Is Titan a good generator? ›

The Titan has very good solar charging capabilities, so you may want to buy one if you have a bunch of solar panels at the ready. Charging this product with solar panels is just one of many ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment.

Will we colonize Titan? ›

Habitability. Robert Zubrin has pointed out that Titan possesses an abundance of all the elements necessary to support life, saying "In certain ways, Titan is the most hospitable extraterrestrial world within our solar system for human colonization." The atmosphere contains plentiful nitrogen and methane.

Will Titan become habitable? ›

Potential for Life

Additionally, Titan's rivers, lakes and seas of liquid methane and ethane might serve as a habitable environment on the moon's surface, though any life there would likely be very different from Earth's life.

What is the strongest subclass in Destiny 2? ›

The Gunslinger subclass is the best Hunter subclass thanks to its versatility. The Golden Gun super is one of the best in the game. It can wipe out an entire team in the Crucible or deal massive damage to bosses in strikes and raids.

Who is the strongest character in Destiny 2? ›

Who is the strongest character in Destiny 2 lore?
  • 8 Jolder.
  • 7 Saladin Forge.
  • 6 Lady Efrideet.
  • 5 Radegast.
  • 4 Shaxx.
  • 3 Ikora.
  • 2 Osiris.
  • 1 Saint-14.

What is the most op subclass in Destiny 2? ›

Stasis – Revenant

Firing off blasts of deadly cold, the Revenant subclass is generally considered to be the most overpowered of the four Hunter subclasses. You can fire blades that freeze enemies and ricochet to others while being granted abilities to instakill enemies by shattering them after they have been frozen.

What is the most overpowered Titan? ›

Founding Titan

Founding Titan is the first and the strongest Titan of all the nine. If the Founding Titan is someone from Royal Bloodline, then it will possess limitless power.

What is the strongest Titan build? ›

Best Titan PvP build: Sentinel Overshield Overlord. This Titan build hones in on the Titan's secret weapon; the Overshield. It also enhances suppression effects and powers allies with Charged with Light. Casting Ward of Dawn with Bastion creates an Overshield for the player and their allies.

What is the most versatile Titan? ›

War Hammer Titan

This makes the War Hammer perhaps the most versatile Titan, as it's been shown to be able to make all sorts of weapons, from swords to whips.

Does mobility matter on Titan? ›

Mobility and the Dodge Ability

Hunters get an extra benefit from their Mobility stat that many newer players don't realize. Similar to how Recovery affects rift cooldown on Warlocks and Resilience affects barricade cooldown on Titans, the Mobility stat affects the cooldown of the Hunter class abilities.

Which Titan has the best ability? ›

1) Founding Titan

This is the most powerful Titan of the lot. If the shifter is of royal blood, they can turn any Eldian into a Titan, control the minds of every Titan and its subsequent shifters, and alter the memories of Eldians. These abilities make it the most powerful Titan in the show.

What is the weak point of a Titan? ›

In the tribute game there are currently only 3 weak spots on the titans (not including the crawler and Colossal types which only have one). These include the eyes, the nape of the neck and the tendons.

What is the weakest Titan ranked? ›

9 The Cart Titan

Pieck's Cart Titan is arguably the weakest of the Nine, but it comes with several advantages. Unlike its eight brethren, the Cart Titan walks on all four legs, making it an excellent method of transport. Pieck often has large structures attached to her back, which carry both people and weapons.

What does the best Titan do? ›

The current Beast Titan has the ability to transform people into titans, but that is because the shifter has royal blood. Normally, the Beast Titan's best feature is its destructive throwing capabilities, but other than that, all it can do is harden its skin.

What is the best solar exotic in Destiny 2? ›

Sunshot — Best Destiny 2 Solar Weapons

It's one of the oldest Exotics in Destiny 2, having shipped with the base game, but it's been updated to work with Solar 3.0 in Lightfall. It makes all of your enemies explode, it feels fantastic to shoot, and it even has a nice range of ornaments.

What is the rarest Titan armor in Destiny 2? ›

One of the rarest sets of armor in Destiny 2, the Escalation Protocol armor, is currently available to purchase from Xûr this weekend. Xûr is in the Winding Cove on the EDZ, and is selling each armor piece from the set for 50 Legendary Shards and 1,000 Glimmer.

What is the best exotic armor for Strand Titan? ›

Armamentarium is a fantastic, versatile Titan exotic that can get the job done in both PvP and PvE. Its effect is simple: you gain an extra grenade charge to use however you see fit. This boon can certainly be used across subclasses, but it grants a particularly useful ability when paired with Strand.

What is the best solar Titan exotic for PVP? ›

One-Eyed Mask

Easily one of the best Exotics across any class for PVP, One-Eyed Mask not only helps you detect enemies firing at you more easily, it rewards you for defeating them. The overshield generated by this Exotic can allow you to easily build kill-streaks, making it outstanding in 6v6 modes.

Is warlock Hunter or Titan better in Destiny 2? ›

Warlocks have the best jump in the game, titans are close behind them. They just have more speed and better control over their trajectory. Hunter jump sucks (except in PVP, it's actually quite advantageous in some situations in PVP where you need to launch yourself up in the air quickly).

How to farm one-eyed mask? ›

All you have to do is find the Exotic Merchant, Xur, in the game, and then you can easily buy this mask from him for a fair price. Since the inventory of Xur changes each week, there is a chance you can't buy it from him. But don't worry. He will eventually restock its inventory with One-Eyed Mask.

Why is Titan so hard to beat? ›

Titan can't be "knocked" down because of his gigantic body, only a few moments of stun will be applied with each successful hit on him. That's why I mentioned keep attacking him, because he will never have a chance to take a breath by getting knocked down thus will continue to take damage until defeated.

How do you beat Titan easily? ›

Any weapon and armor set upgraded to level 52, with a little patience, is enough to defeat Titan. I used Monk's helm and armor with damage absorption (pre-enchanted) and Monk's Katars with Frenzy. No ranged weapon and no magic and it was just as effective.

What weapon kills heavy Titan? ›

Gunship Sniper are effective. Aim for torso or toes, zoom in fully for maximum damage. Heavy Cannons are a good alternative.

Who is the strongest of the 17 titans? ›

Ranking the Monsterverse Titans from strongest to weakest
  • Tier 1: Godzilla, King Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla. ...
  • Tier 2: MUTO Prime, King Kong, Tiamat. ...
  • Tier 3: Rodan, Female MUTO, Camazotz. ...
  • Tier 4: Mothra, Male MUTO. ...
  • Indeterminate: Behemoth, Scylla, Amhuluk, Methuselah, Na Kika, Nozuki, Skullcrawlers and others.
Mar 7, 2022

What gun is the r301 based on? ›

The R-301 Carbine is a carbine weapon, part of the R-weapons family developed by Lastimosa Armory. It is a successor to the R-101C Carbine employed in the Frontier War, though it employs more design details similar to the R-201 Assault Rifle.

How do you deal the most damage to titans? ›

You want to stack a “strong color” against titans with heroes who either increase your attack, or lower the defense of the titan you are fighting. Red is strong vs green, green is strong vs blue, blue is strong vs red. Purple and Yellow are strong against each other, and are weak to themselves.

What equipment to defeat Titan? ›

Weapon: Flame Clubs will suffice. Otherwise, Claws or Sickles can be very effective due to their spammable Double Slash. Lynx's Claws particularly shines in this fight. Pneumo Fists are nice choice as well.

How do you get infinite Titan Blood? ›

Titan Blood is earned through 6 sources:
  1. Defeating the first and final bosses for the first time with each weapon (12. ...
  2. Bounties for defeating the first and final bosses for the first time with each weapon at each heat level up to 20 heat (240. ...
  3. Rewards from the Fated List of Minor Prophecies (43 )

Can I get Titans sword? ›

It is a big, heavy sword enchanted with Lifesteal. There is a handle attached on its side to aid in its usage, since the weapon is so heavy that even Titan, despite being aided by his suit, usually only makes slow swings with it. It cannot be obtained by the player.

What is the best class for Titan Destiny 2? ›

The best Destiny 2 Titan build for general activities in Season of Defiance is:
  • Subclass: Striker – Thundercrash.
  • Primary stat: Resilience.
  • Secondary stat: Strength.
  • Grenade: Lightning Grenade.
  • Class ability: Rally Barricade.
  • Aspects: Touch of Thunder, Knockout.
Apr 12, 2023

What is the best subclass for Titan Destiny 2? ›

Arguably the best subclass for Titans is Sunbreaker, a Solar spec that's focused on spawning Sunspots and constant healing. Sol Invictus allows a Sunbreaker to light the battlefield aflame, granting ability energy and healing to themselves.

What stats should Titans focus on? ›

Stats: High or Max Resilience (increased damage reduction and faster barricade cooldown) and Discipline are the two stats that you should focus on.

What Titan Super does the most damage? ›

Because one Behemoth Titan can deal over 2.2 million damage, that puts the Behemoth super as one of the best burst damage abilities in the entire game.

What is the most op class in Destiny 2? ›

1. Warlock Dawnblade (Solar 3.0) A subclass primarily used for support, Dawnblade fills its lack of ad clear and boss damage with some of the most powerful buffs in the game. Radiant provides a whopping 25% increase to damage, and Restoration provides continuous health regeneration even through damage.

What is the strongest subclass for Titan? ›

Sunbreaker Titan has been the strongest Titan subclass since the overhaul the Solar element received in Season of the Haunted. With certain setups, Sunbreaker was able to do absurd damage with the Throwing Hammer melee ability in the past.

Who is the strongest Titan in destiny? ›

The titan Saint-14 is an exo titan who has been around since the early days of the Last City and the Vanguard. He was the right hand of the Speaker and the first Titan Vanguard. A few notes on his acievements: He's known as the greatest Titan to ever exist.

What is the best Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 class? ›

Top Solar 3.0 builds
Tricky TripminerHunterBest in Class
Undying FlameTitanBest in Class
Oct 26, 2022

What is the best PVE solar 3.0 Warlock build? ›

At the moment with Solar 3.0, the top build for Warlocks is the Starfire Protocol build. This build focuses on spamming your grenades to deal big damage by utilizing scorch and ignite. This build can be used in pretty much all forms of PVE content, from solo world content to raids.

What is solar 3.0 technology? ›

Perovskites represent the next generation of solar energy known as solar 3.0. These thin film cells that use perovskites are made up of layers of photovoltaic materials which are embedded on a substrate made of glass, metal, or plastic.


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