Apple Watch Ultra Review (2023)

1. I wore the Apple Watch Ultra for 6 months — what I like (and don't like)

  • Apr 1, 2023 · The Apple Watch Ultra's design is certainly eye-catching. It's a huge smartwatch, among the biggest I've ever tested. The flat, 49mm display ...

  • The pros and cons of Apple's rugged smartwatch

2. Apple Watch Ultra 2: Should You Buy? Reviews, Features and More

  • 6 days ago · The Apple Watch Ultra lasts for up to 36 hours on a single charge, and with a new low-power setting, battery life can last for up to 60 hours ...

  • Apple's most rugged Apple Watch with improved GPS, a 49mm casing, a more durable display, extra long battery life, a built-in Action button, and...

3. Apple Watch Ultra review: an aspirational debut - The Verge

  • Sep 23, 2022 · While the Apple Watch Ultra is a great first attempt at a rugged smartwatch, it's a sporty Apple Watch. It's much better at being a smartwatch ...

  • Apple puts Garmin in its sights.

4. Apple Watch Ultra review: a big, exciting success | Digital Trends

  • Aug 22, 2023 · The surprising thing is, the Apple Watch Ultra is quite easy to justify. The long battery life is a huge selling point that everyone will ...

  • The Apple Watch Ultra may look like a niche product at first glance, but it's way more than that and has genuinely wide appeal. We explain why in our review.

5. Wearing an Apple Watch Ultra for a month convinced me to buy a Series 7

  • Dec 23, 2022 · The Apple Watch Ultra is a very good smartwatch. It's got loads of features, very long battery life, a titanium shell, and a distinctive ...

  • Top of the line but not my top choice

6. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 Hodinkee Review

7. Apple Watch Ultra 2 In-Depth Review: Focused Sports Progress

  • 22 hours ago · This year, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 revamps the internal processing on it, while also getting a 50% brighter display. Using the new faster ...

  •  With the launch of the 2nd edition of the Apple Watch Ultra series, Apple has set the tone for …

8. Apple Watch Ultra Review: The Ultimate Apple Watch Is The Best ...

  • Jan 3, 2023 · Apple Watch Ultra is the best Apple Watch ever made, and not for all the reasons Apple says it is. It's the ultimate Apple Watch. It's a natural ...

  • I’ve worn it nearly every day since the device showed up on my doorstep in mid-October. In a word, Apple Watch Ultra is amazing. In a sentence, switching to the bigger and badder Ultra reminds of years ago when I switched to the similarly-spirited iPhone Plus model and never looked back.

9. Apple Watch Ultra 2 Review: A Brighter Screen Makes My Favorite ...

  • 22 hours ago · The Ultra 2 still has a customizable action button, fall and car crash detection, ECG, temperature sensor, dual-frequency GPS, and built-in LTE.

  • A searingly bright screen and faster responses are nice but not necessary upgrades.

10. Review: Apple Watch Ultra 2 - WIRED

  • 22 hours ago · Review: Apple Watch Ultra 2 ... Apple's rugged sports watch gets its first update. To get the most out of the new features, you'll still need to ...

  • The new version of Apple's rugged sports watch has many helpful enhancements, but it's a bit quirky to use—and still too dependent on your iPhone for some key features.

11. Apple Watch Ultra Review: The Most Exciting Watch in Years - CNET

  • Nov 16, 2022 · Considering the $749 45mm Apple Watch Series 8 in stainless steel costs almost as much, I think the Ultra is a better overall value, given that ...

  • Editor's Choice: "Honey, I blew up the Apple Watch."

12. Apple Watch Ultra review: A big smartwatch with some little quirks

  • Oct 5, 2022 · The Watch Ultra weighs a whopping 61.3 grams (2.16 ounces), which is almost 20 grams (0.7 ounces) more than Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

  • The Apple Watch Ultra is surprisingly comfortable for its size, and costs less than expected.

13. Apple Watch Ultra review: Why non-athletes can love it, too

  • Dec 9, 2022 · The Apple Watch Ultra is a big beast of a smartwatch, and one of the best buys you can make if you're bought into the Apple ecosystem and you ...

  • It's hard to ignore all the positives of the Apple Watch Ultra

14. Apple Watch Ultra Review - iRunFar

  • 5 days ago · There's a lot going on here in terms of sensors, and GPS, and a bigger battery. Especially if you've only used a regular Apple Watch. But the ...

  • An in-depth review of the Apple Watch Ultra smartwatch.

15. Apple Watch Ultra Review - Trusted Reviews

  • The Apple Watch Ultra is a great smartwatch that takes everything you get from the Series 8 and gives it a design and feature set update and greater battery ...

  • The Apple Watch Ultra is a great smartwatch that takes everything you get from the Series 8 and gives it a design and feature set update.

16. Apple Watch Ultra Review - 7 Weeks Later - Mark Ellis Reviews

  • Nov 21, 2022 · I haven't changed my mind during these seven weeks – the Apple Watch Ultra remains Apple's best product of 2022. If you've been pondering buying ...

  • It’s been a fascinating seven weeks with the Apple Watch Ultra. I’ve taken it hiking, and... well, that’s it really. I haven’t gone ultra running, mountain climbing, or scuba diving yet (more on the latter, in a moment). Although to be fair, I’d guess this is

17. Apple Watch Ultra review - TechRadar

  • Sep 21, 2022 · The Apple Watch Ultra is easily the best wearable that the brand has ever made, bringing a bright, large screen, a new customizable physical ...

  • This is the Apple Watch you've been waiting for... if you can afford it

18. Apple Watch Ultra review: the super-charged smartwatch

  • Nov 9, 2022 · The Ultra is the biggest, best and most expensive Apple Watch you can get. At its core it is a Series 8 turned up to 11, with a bigger battery, ...

  • Bigger and longer-lasting with a new rugged design, but falls short for adventurers and endurance athletes

19. Apple Watch Ultra review: The best watch Apple has ever created | iMore

  • Apr 14, 2023 · It's surprisingly light but still built like a tank, making me confident with wearing it whether I am lifting, running, hiking, backpacking, or ...

  • I'm never going back.

20. Apple Watch Ultra Review: Everything You Need to Know

  • May 31, 2023 · There's a lot to love about the Apple Watch Ultra, starting with its improved battery life, larger display, action button and brighter screen.

  • I tested this supercharged smart watch to find out if it's really worth it.

21. Apple Watch Ultra review - a great smartwatch and a good sports-watch

  • Jan 24, 2023 · The Apple Watch Ultra is an exceptionally great smart watch and it is also a pretty good sports watch. Although not so much of a dedicated ...

  • The watch-phone integration is seamless and unparalleled, although some features a lacking - such as battery life. Overall, it's still a strong contender (provided you're an iPhone user)

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