15 John Deere Tractor Dashboard Warning Lights (2023)

Do you know the meaning of every John Deere tractor warning light? The tractors have many warning lights that inform you of any fault in the system.

You should decode the information your John Deere tractor throws on the dashboard. Some are critical and require immediate attention, while others are acknowledgment messages for your action. Whichever the case, your timely response can save you and your tractor.

This article focuses on the 15 most common John Deere tractor warning lights and actions to take in each case. Read on for details!


  • 1 Service Alert Indicator
  • 2 Hydraulic Oil Temperature
  • 3 Electrohydraulic Hitch Indicator
  • 4 Neutral Indicator
  • 5 High Exhaust Temperature Indicator
  • 6 Engine Air Cleaner Restriction Indicator
  • 7 PTO Engaged Indicator
  • 8 MFWD Engaged Indicator
  • 9 Vehicle Indicator
  • 10 Differential Lock Indicator
  • 11 Engine Information Indicator
  • 12 Transmission Information Indicator
  • 13 STOP Indicator
  • 14 Exhaust Filter Indicator
  • 15 Park Brake Indicator
  • 16 Final Words

Service Alert Indicator

15 John Deere Tractor Dashboard Warning Lights (1)

Service alert indicator, also known as CAUTION, is a yellow light of an exclamation inside a diamond shape. It comes on when there is a malfunction in some of the systems. High coolant and hydraulic oil temperature and clogged transmission filter are some possible causes. Also, check your handbrake if the engine is running and you are in gear. It can sometimes be the cause.

Most importantly, check the message center for more information about the cause. You may have a John Deere tractor dealer to service your it.

Hydraulic Oil Temperature

15 John Deere Tractor Dashboard Warning Lights (2)
(Video) John Deere People I need your Help with the Deere Warning Light

Hydraulic oil temperature warning light is a drum with a piston and a fluid drop inside it. There is also a thermometer beside it. As the name suggests, the light indicator comes on when your transmission or hydraulic oil temperature rises above the recommended value. It is a critical condition that demands your immediate attention. Call a certified John Deere tractor dealer to diagnose the problem and fix it.

Electrohydraulic Hitch Indicator

This John Deere tractor warning light looks like two belted pulleys at an angle with the horizontal. It comes on when there is a fault on the hitch function. Error messages with more information may also appear on the tractor’s display. Check it for further details. But most importantly, contact your John Deere dealer to diagnose the tractor and fix the problem.

Neutral Indicator

15 John Deere Tractor Dashboard Warning Lights (4)

The neutral indicator is an uppercase letter N. It only appears on John Deere tractors equipped with a transmission reverser. If it comes on, the transmission reverser is in a neutral position. It also flashes, meaning you did not correctly engage or shift the reverser. In that case, push the lever back to the neutral position.

But if the indicator flashes simultaneously with the information indicator, there is a malfunction. Check the error message and contact your John Deere dealer for further diagnosis of your tractor.

High Exhaust Temperature Indicator

15 John Deere Tractor Dashboard Warning Lights (5)

The high exhaust temperature indicator is a smoke trail and a thermometer on the right. It illuminates the dashboard if the temperature inside the exhaust is high enough to trigger active filter cleaning. It is an automated process. Upon completion, the indicator should turn off. If it persists, there may be a fault that your John Deere dealer should check and address.

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Engine Air Cleaner Restriction Indicator

15 John Deere Tractor Dashboard Warning Lights (6)

This warning indicator looks like a light bulb punctured by an arrow from the left. There is also a dashed thick line below it.

The light illuminates if the air cleaner components are clogged. You can resolve the issue by just replacing or cleaning the element. But calling your tractor dealer for further diagnosis may be necessary.

PTO Engaged Indicator

15 John Deere Tractor Dashboard Warning Lights (7)

Power take-off (PTO) indicator is a gear with a rectangular arc covering it and a curved arrow in the clockwise direction below it. As the name suggests, it will come on when you engage power take-off gear. PTO is a system of gears that taps power from the transmission system to an auxiliary component connected to the tractor.

The PTO indicator comes on when you engage the gear for powering the auxiliary component and goes off when disengaged. If it responds differently, there may be a fault in the system that your John Deere dealer should check out.

MFWD Engaged Indicator

15 John Deere Tractor Dashboard Warning Lights (8)

Mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD) engaged indicator is a picture of a tractor and an arrow pointing away from the front wheel. This function is available in John Deere tractors with four-by-four drive capabilities. The MFWD indicator light comes on when you engage the front-wheel-drive. It should go off otherwise. If that is not the case, there may be a fault in the system. Contact your John Deere dealer for further diagnosis of your tractor.

Vehicle Indicator

15 John Deere Tractor Dashboard Warning Lights (9)
(Video) John Deere 5055 - Won't start. No dash lights or instruments. Battery good. PROBLEM SOLVED!

The vehicle indicator light is a tractor and two arrows above it. One arrow points right and the other left. These are the turn signals. One of these John Deere tractor warning lights flashes depending on the switch you activate on the dashboard. If you press the hazard switch, all turn indicators keep flashing until you press it again to deactivate them.

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Differential Lock Indicator

15 John Deere Tractor Dashboard Warning Lights (10)

The differential indicator is a pictorial representation of the differential and a padlock inside it. The indicator light illuminates when you lock axles together. Locking the axles may be necessary when driving your tractor on soft or muddy surfaces to get more traction. You don’t need it when you are on a dry road. In which case, unlock the axles.

Engine Information Indicator

15 John Deere Tractor Dashboard Warning Lights (11)

Engine information indicator light looks like a conventional light bulb. It will come on when there is an engine malfunction. Start by checking the engine oil level and reviewing error messages in the information display. Contact your John Deere dealer if you notice anything that you cannot handle, as it will be in most cases.

Transmission Information Indicator

15 John Deere Tractor Dashboard Warning Lights (12)

The transmission information indicator light is a gear. If it illuminates the dashboard, there is a fault in the transmission system. Check the information display for detailed information about the malfunction. This condition is critical. So, shut off the engine and call the John Deere dealer for further diagnosis. It may result in severe damages to the transmission if you continue using the vehicle.

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(Video) John Deere Tractor dry air filter choking sensor test / John Deere Tractor warning light check

STOP Indicator

15 John Deere Tractor Dashboard Warning Lights (13)

The STOP indicator light is an octagon with the word STOP inside it. It shows a critical malfunction in the system that requires an immediate engine shut off. You may also see other warning lights and messages in the information display. Contact your John Deere dealer to diagnose the cause of the fault and fix it before you can use the tractor again.

Exhaust Filter Indicator

15 John Deere Tractor Dashboard Warning Lights (14)

An exhaust filter warning light is a smoke trail passing through a perforated block. It comes on to inform you of the accumulated soot in the filter. Clean your filters as soon as you can when you see this indicator. A diagonal line from top-left to bottom-right corners if you disable the system.

Park Brake Indicator

15 John Deere Tractor Dashboard Warning Lights (15)

Park brake indicator light is a circle within the braces and letter P inside it. It comes on when you engage park brakes while the engine is running. Audible alarm beeps also accompany it in some models.

Final Words

Your manual has more information about what John Deere tractor warning lights mean. We discussed only the most common symbols that you should always turn your attention to, but there are more. And remember to take the necessary action when you see a warning light on your tractor.

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What does this light on my John Deere tractor mean? ›

Here's what each one means. If the red “STOP” light flashes, turn off the engine IMMEDIATELY. It indicates a serious malfunction. You should also see lights 7, 8, 9, or 10, which will tell you the specific malfunction. The yellow “CAUTION” light flashes to warn you when indicator lights 7, 8, 12, 13 or 14 come on.

What does the light symbol on my dash mean? ›

The light will come on to alert you about standard maintenance items such as low fuel, when it's time for an oil change or if air pressure is low. The dashboard light can also indicate a more serious issue such as brake system warning, low oil pressure, engine temperature or other issues with your engine.

What does the red light on John Deere mower mean? ›

Red area indicates overheat (coolant level too low, dirty radiator, or clogged screen). SHUT OFF engine IMMEDIATELY to prevent damage. If necessary, have John Deere dealer diagnose vehicle.

What is the light on my dashboard lit up that looks like an engine? ›

We'll start with the worst. The check-engine light is the one car owners hate most. Usually, this warning is in the shape of a silhouetted engine, though sometimes it's an even harder to miss all-caps "CHECK ENGINE" message.

What does yellow on a tractor mean? ›

Where the engine speed and engine stop controls are one, the controls may be red. Steering wheels or other steering controls may be black or any other color than red or yellow. YELLOW– Indicates function controls.

What are the different symbols on your dashboard? ›

15 Common Warning Signs on Your Dashboard
  • Antilock Brake Warning Symbol. ...
  • Airbag Indicator Symbol. ...
  • Automatic Shift Lock or Engine Start Indicator Warning Symbol. ...
  • Battery Alert Warning Symbol. ...
  • Engine Temperature Warning Symbol. ...
  • Engine Warning Symbol. ...
  • Fuel Indicator Symbol. ...
  • Fog Lamp Symbol.

What are some common dash light warnings? ›

Light 'em Up: A Guide to Common Dashboard Warning Lights
  • Fog Lights. See all 14 photos.
  • Low Tire Pressure. See all 14 photos.
  • Engine Oil Warning Light. See all 14 photos. ...
  • Check Engine Light. See all 14 photos.
  • Traction or Stability Control Light. ...
  • Coolant Level Warning Light. ...
  • Brake System Warning Light. ...
  • ABS Sensor Warning Light.
2 Apr 2020

What does red mean on a tractor? ›

The Red Tractor logo signifies 'farm to pack' assurance. You can find out more about the Assured Produce Scheme and Red Tractor symbol at: www.redtractor.org.uk.

What does red drip light mean? ›

A red symbol that looks like a dripping watering can is arguably the most serious warning light after brakes. It can mean the engine's oil level is too low, the temperature is too high or the oil pressure is too high or too low.

How do you clear a code on a John Deere? ›

Write down any codes that appear in the system for your records. Press “SELECT” to scroll through the codes until “END” appears on the display. Press “SELECT” again, “WAIT” will be displayed on the screen. Hold “SELECT” for 5 seconds to clear all John Deere diagnostic codes from the system.

What is the most common problem with check engine light? ›

Oxygen Sensor Malfunction

One of the most common reasons your check engine light may come on is that your oxygen sensor is failing. Your local auto repair shop in Western Washington can replace it for you quickly, which will restore your vehicle's ability to measure unburned oxygen in its exhaust system.

What is the most common reason for check engine light? ›

The emissions/exhaust system is the most likely culprit for many check engine lights being illuminated. There could be an exhaust leak or a problem with the catalytic converter. The mass airflow sensor (MAF) is another sensor that is easily tripped or can fail.

When should I worry about dashboard lights? ›

Play it safe and check what that red or amber light means

The lights on your car's dashboard light up when something's wrong. As a rule of thumb: Red warning lights need immediate action. Amber, orange or other colour lights often mean something needs checking by a garage.

Can I check engine codes without scanner? ›

Flip your car's ignition on and off a couple of times without cranking the engine and finish with the key in the on position. Your car will then check for any saved trouble codes. All the lights on the dash should light up until one remains on—usually the “service engine” light.

How do you read fault codes without a scan tool? ›

Press the odometer's Trip and Reset buttons while turning the ignition key ON. After turning the key ON, release the odometer Reset and Trip buttons to check if the Diagnostic Trouble Code or DTC appears on the odometer display.

Why does a tractor have yellow flashing lights? ›

Flashing amber beacons are usually used to indicate slow-moving vehicles. Often slow-moving vehicles are larger or wider than usual vehicles and may be involved in road maintenance work.

What does the orange triangle on tractors mean? ›

As a motorist, it means slow down, as a farmer; it's a warning to other people on the road that the vehicle or piece of equipment in front of you is moving at a much slower rate than the speed limit in most cases. Most farmers who drive tractors on the roads have experienced people rapidly approaching them.

What color yellow does John Deere use? ›

The official John Deere colors are John Deere green, John Deere yellow and black.
John Deere color codes: RGB, CMYK, Pantone, Hex.
John Deere YellowHex color:#FFDE00
CMYK:0 10 100 0
Pantone:PMS 109 C
1 more row

What are the 3 main warning gauges on your dash? ›

They light up in case of a serious problem. There are three kinds of warning lights: Oil Pressure Warning Light. Temperature Warning Light.

What does low oil pressure light look like? ›

This light looks like a genie lamp with a drop coming out of the end, but in some models it is a red light that says OIL. Any red warning light that your vehicle displays is an indication that your vehicle needs maintenance as soon as possible to avoid serious damage.

What do the colors of the dash symbols mean? ›

In general, a red dash light indicates a warning and something that requires you attention, an orange / amber light suggests an advisory issue that you should be aware of but not necessarily take immediate action and a white / blue / green light is most often simply for information / confirming an action / function.

What is the most serious warning light? ›

The check engine light is usually the most serious and feared warning because of the kind of damage it can signal. This warning often indicates the potential for serious engine damage. When ignored, your vehicle could suffer from a blown head gasket or a seized engine.

What is the most important indicator of warning light? ›

Typically, if the light is red it's urgent and if it is yellow, the situation is serious but not critical. Yellow warning lights should not be ignored; they mean you should take action! This is the most important indicator.

What is the orange symbol on my dash? ›

You might notice the orange exclamation mark on your dashboard. It's a common symbol often surrounded by a tire icon. If you see this symbol, pay attention. It's an alert that one of your tires has dropped below 75% of its recommended pressure.

What causes multiple warning lights on dash? ›

If more than one dash warning light is on, it might just mean that you have problems in more than one system. After a collision, multiple lights may be on if multiple systems were affected by the crash.

What does a transmission warning light look like? ›

Some cars may warn of a transmission fault by flashing the overdrive light or displaying a string of text in the driver's information center. Others will display a symbol depicting a gear with an exclamation mark or a thermometer (for transmission over temperature) inside.

What do different emergency lights mean? ›

Generally, red and white are used for emergency vehicles, amber for parking/bylaw enforcement, construction, utility vehicles, Amber and White for security vehicles, and green or red for volunteer firefighters as per various Provincial legislations.

Why is John Deere green and yellow? ›

John Deere's wife chose green for the growing crops and yellow for the harvest ready crops.

Can tractors drive on the road with red diesel? ›

Red diesel can only be used on the road by 'exempted' vehicles. To qualify these vehicles must be engaged in an agricultural, horticultural or forestry-related activity.

Which symbol warns that you are low on fuel? ›

What is the low fuel warning light on my dashboard? The yellow gas pump next to the “E” on your fuel gauge turns on when you're down to your last gallon or two of fuel. While the exact amount left in your tank and the distance you can travel varies by car, you should plan on filling up as soon as possible.

What is the oil light symbol? ›

The oil can symbol means the oil pressure is low. If the symbol has a wavy line below it, that means the oil level is low. When this is the case, topping off the oil should make the indicator light turn off.

Is there a warning light for low oil? ›

The ENGINE LOW OIL LEVEL WARNING light indicates that the engine oil level has decreased below the lower acceptable limit. When you start you engine, the low oil level warning light should illuminate briefly and then turn off.

How do you reset a John Deere tractor? ›

Turn the ignition key to the "Run" position, but do not start the engine. Leave the key in this position for two hours, then turn the ignition key to the "Stop" position and remove the key.

Will clearing a code fix the problem? ›

When a code clears, you know that the vehicle has been restored to good working order. However, there could be occasions when clearing the codes manually is part of the repair process. For example, a check engine light can be triggered when the gas cap isn't tightened correctly.

Why is my check engine light on but nothing seems wrong? ›

If nothing seems to be acting strange, then it is probably safe to drive it until you can get it into a mechanic. Sometimes the light may come on after fueling if the gas cap is a little loose. Or it could mean your catalytic converter needs to be inspected.

What does a solid yellow check engine light mean? ›

The steady yellow light is telling you to take a look and fix the minor issue as soon as you can, but it's not usually serious. The flashing light means that your vehicle's engine is misfiring and you should investigate the problem immediately.

What are five signs that you may have engine problems? ›

Engine Failure: 10 Warning Signs You Must NEVER Ignore
  • Check Engine Light. Check Engine Light. ...
  • Smoke From Exhaust. ...
  • Frequent Overheating. ...
  • Engine Knocking. ...
  • Decreased Fuel Economy. ...
  • Engine Stall At Idle. ...
  • Rough Idle. ...
  • Oil Patches.
6 Oct 2020

What is the first thing to check when the check engine light comes on? ›

Check your gas cap first. Many vehicles have a loose gas cap indicator that will be triggered before your check engine light comes on. If your gas cap is loose or the seal is not tight, the vapor leakage can cause your fuel system to trigger the check engine light.

What causes a check engine light to come on in a diesel engine? ›

Your “Check Engine Light” is simply a warning light that has received information from a sensor connected to your vehicle's ECM, or “engine control module”. It can be an indicator of needed maintenance, or it could also be warning you of a major component failure.

Is it OK to drive with check engine light? ›

This is a sign you should stop driving and have your car looked at by a mechanic as soon as possible. Use your best judgment on whether to call a tow truck or drive yourself to a nearby repair shop.

What are the icons on the dashboard? ›

Here are 10 dashboard symbols and meanings, according to AutoZone.
  • ABS light. The symbol indicates that the anti-lock brake computer set a code and needs professional diagnosis.
  • Glow plug. ...
  • Fog lights. ...
  • Brake system. ...
  • Door ajar. ...
  • Washer fluid reminder. ...
  • Tire pressure monitoring system. ...
  • Cruise control.
16 Jan 2019

How do you troubleshoot dashboard lights? ›

Check your dimmer switch to see if your dashboard lights were turned off by accident. Inspect the dashboard light fuse for blackening or a broken filament. Replace the fuse if you notice any damage. Disconnect your vehicle's battery and manually replace the dashboard lightbulbs to get them lit up again.

How do I get rid of warning lights on my dashboard? ›

The first thing you can try, to turn off the car, then restart the engine. The second step is to disconnect your battery, wait for a few minutes then reconnect the battery. Another option is to continue to drive your car, and hope the light will reset itself.

What does the anti skid light look like? ›

It can look different, depending on your vehicle model, but it usually has the letters “TC” or an image that looks like a car with lines bending away from the tires.

What Colour are tractor flashing lights? ›

These include farm machinery, tractors, roadworks vehicles and refuse collection vehicles. Most will have flashing amber beacons. Tractors and farm machinery will often pull in to the left when it's safe, or if there's space to do so, to let a queue of traffic pass.

What are the 2 outer lights on the tractor called? ›

The clearance marker lights are the two outermost fixtures on the cab, which are used to identify the outer edges of the vehicle's body. These fixtures must be mounted as high and wide as practicable and at the reasonable discretion of the apparatus OEM.

What lights should be on a tractor? ›

Agricultural trailers and interchangeable towed equipment must be equipped with side lamps, rear lamps, stop lamps, indicators, and number plate lighting.

What does the ESP light look like? ›

ESP warning light

ESP has a dedicated dashboard warning light, which is a yellow car with two skid marks beneath it. This warning light will flash if the car is at the edge of grip and the system activates, which is particularly likely if you drive on a slippery surface.

What causes the anti skid light to come on? ›

Many traction control systems will illuminate the warning light when the system detects a loss of traction, like in snowy or rainy weather. Typically the light is seen when the system intervenes to maintain traction.

Can you drive with anti skid light on? ›

Is it Safe to Drive with the TCS Light On? It is only safe to drive with the TCS light on if it appears when you are losing traction: it means the system is engaging. Driving without traction control can make your vehicle susceptible to spinning out and sliding around on the road.

What do different color flashing lights mean? ›

Generally, red and white are used for emergency vehicles, amber for parking/bylaw enforcement, construction, utility vehicles, Amber and White for security vehicles, and green or red for volunteer firefighters as per various Provincial legislations.

What do the colors of flashing lights mean? ›

To summarize it all, red lights are used in police vehicles, fire trucks, and ambulances, blue lights are used by police vehicles and law enforcement personnel, amber lights are commonly used in construction vehicles, security vehicles and tow trucks, and white lights are used in police vehicles, ambulances, and fire ...

Why would a tractor have flashing amber lights? ›

Flashing amber beacons are a vital piece of equipment to alert road users of slower, wider or longer vehicles on the road and the need to adjust speed and position on the road accordingly.

What are the 3 lights in the taillight? ›

What Is A Third Brake Light For?
  • Turn signals and stop lamps communicate your intentions to other drivers, so they can react properly to you turning or braking.
  • White, amber and red lamps also indicate the front and rear of your vehicle to other drivers.
2 Sept 2019

What are the 3 center lights on top of the tractor called? ›

“As you are likely aware, the three marker lamps at the top-rear of the trailer, mounted around the center line of the vehicle, are called 'identification lights. ' Their purpose is to alert following drivers that the vehicle equipped with these lights is wider than 80 inches.

What are Puddle lights? ›

Puddle lights are the car lamps placed just below the mirror. These illuminate the ground near the car door. Puddle lights prevent you from stepping into a, well, puddle or anything murky when getting into your car. Puddle lights have been around for over a decade now.

What are the 4 types of lights? ›

What are the 4 types of lighting?
  • Ambient lighting.
  • Task lighting.
  • Accent lighting.
  • Decorative lighting.

What are the four most common types of stage lights? ›

Types. LED stage lights come in four main types. PAR cans, spotlights, striplights, and "moving head" types.

How many amber lights should be on top of the tractor? ›

Tractor Marker Lights

Truck lighting regulations call for a minimum of five amber lights (in most states) on top of the front of a semi cab. These lights are necessary to show oncoming traffic the height of the vehicle.


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